Relaxing with Mel

After years of not thinking she could work with groups, Mel now teaches “Trans Relaxation” classes.Calming Ocean


Mel has had tremendously positive feedback from participants who have found that working with Mel, has helped them travel to a deeper, calmer and more relaxed state, which in turn simply transforms their day.



Mel has taught relaxation at a local Yoga Studio, but now finds working with individuals on an appointment basis or working with carefully selected small groups works best for her and the clients themselves.


Mel is a creative thinker and she excels in taking her clients on a journey. When working with an individual she talks through their needs, to ensure that she creates a complete package to help them in their own personal situation.


Mel has been overwhelmed by the reactions to her relaxation methods and says she is just delighted to be able to help people understand that the mind is a powerful part of your body and it needs care and attention, just like your hair.


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