Preparing for Life Events

However someone meets Mel, whether in her salon, (perhaps needing a new look, rescuing their hair from disaster or simply helping them maintain their hair between visits), whether they need help in dealing with a wardrobe crisis, a job interview, heading to a difficult family event, or whether they are simply enjoying one of her relaxation classes. Everyone will agree that they are always delighted and amazed by the inventive solutions that Mel brings about.

Important Life Events


Visualisation is a real specialism of Mel’s, she uses this clever technique with clients in many situations such as; preparing for a big event perhaps a daughter’s wedding;  a really important meeting; giving birth; dealing with the loss of a loved one and many more instances.

Walking through an event in advance, sounds simple, but in the hands of an expert like Mel, it can transform the whole experience and ensure it all goes exactly how you would wish it to.


Mel is a creative thinker and she excels in taking her clients on a journey. She will talk through their needs and will ensure that she creates a complete package to help them in their own personal situation.

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