Free Online Relaxation Classes

Mel is now offering you the chance of joining her free online trance-relaxation classes during the lockdown due to COVID 19 on Monday or Thursday evenings.  Anyone can join her online, you do not need to have attended any classes before, or be a client at the Color. Mel is just aiming to help as many people as she can.


Mel’s aim is to inspire individuals to unlock the tools within themselves, to keep their mind and body balanced. Only when the body is in harmony does Mel think that you can be at your best, even in these difficult times.


Many of her clients are successful business people with very busy lives, who often do not spend time away from their pressured jobs (whether they are at work or home working).  A trip to see Mel, has been not only an essential part of their routine for their hair over the last few years, but increasingly many are looking for help to change their work life balance and to learn to  relax more.  Clearly under the current situation,  many of these clients are forced (like Mel) to be in lockdown. Some maybe working from home, some may be furloughed, so trips to the Color or to see Mel in her classes,  is now just not possible.


So now is the time to take advantage of Mel’s unique talents. Mel is offering a free four week course, of her popular Trance Relaxation classes,  which she normally teaches in her studio weekly, with some members joining online.


All Mel is asking of you, if you join her class, is that you make a donation through her Just Giving Page, to a cause that Mel really cares about  the Hair and Beauty Charity   This is a long-established charity that is able to help other professional hairdressers who are in difficulty due to a variety of reasons, not just COVID -19.   

Relaxation Class

Relaxation can be for everyone





Mel firmly believes that by exploring relaxation techniques, this  will really help improve your own ability to take care of yourself.



If you wish to join a class please use the contact form of this website to get in touch with Mel 


By completing this secure form, this will enable Mel to contact you and tell you the details you will need to begin your relaxation class

Class Schedules

Classes last one hour and will run twice weekly, and you can join one or both sessions. Mel recommends that you attend at least four sessions before deciding if it is the right solution for you.



  • Mondays     connect at 1845 to start at 1900 ending promptly at 2000
  • Thursdays  connect at 1845 to start at 1900 ending promptly at 2000


What will you need to do to get ready to join my class ?

  • A comfortable space in your home.
  • A device to connect to the  Zoom,  video conferencing platform  and it is helpful if the device has a camera and microphone if possible
    • Mel will only ask you to use the camera to say hello and cheerio. During the relaxation techniques cameras are not needed  so can be switched off or not focussing on individuals
    • You can try to download Zoom (which works across all platforms), by either downloading  from the  Zoom website, (for Mac or Windows) or through Google’s Play Store, Apple’s App Store  or if on an Amazon Fire tablet through the Amazon Apps store
  • You will need to let me have your email address, so that I can contact you to invite you to the meeting (just fill out the contact form on this website and that will do the trick) 

What will you experience?

  • The release of negativity, tension, stress and anxiety.
  • The deepest relaxation, which you will have never experienced in your entire life.
  • The creation of a calm and peaceful approach to daily challenges in lockdown.
  • Real deep healing.
  • The joy of experiencing much more restful nights’ sleep.
  • Gaining positive energy in your daily life during lockdown.
  • Finding that safe place within your special place (that has always been there, but you have never known how to get there).
  • The way to enjoying the present moment.


What will you need to do next

  • Get Zoom onto your device (if you can)
    •  if you cannot do this then do not worry as the first time you receive an invitation and try to click the “link” it should take you through the steps to install the app/programme
  • Be prepared to give just your time – a minimum of four sessions
  • Choose a place that has no outside disturbances.
  • You need to make space in your busy(LOL) diary,  for four weekly sessions,
  • Do not try to make excuses – you can make the time
  • Complete the online contact form linked here for you choosing which class you wish to attend.
  • Once you have an invitation, which  will come by personal email from Mel. All you will need to do is simply click on the link it gives you – or put in the meeting ID and password and then enjoy your special time just for you


Looking forward to meeting you online! So please

Complete the Contact form now 


All participants need to consider their own security and assess their own risks for attending the class, Mel cannot take responsibility for clients in their own homes.