Supporting other Hairdressing Professionals

During the pandemic of 2020, Mel took the decision to offer free online trance-relaxation classes twice each week.


Mel’s aim was to inspire individuals to unlock the tools within themselves, to keep their mind and body balanced. Only when the body is in harmony does Mel think that you can be at your best, even in these difficult times.


Many of Mel’s clients are successful business people with very busy lives, who often do not spend time away from their pressured jobs (whether they are at work or home working). So a trip to see Mel, has been not only an essential part of their routine for their hair over the last few years, but increasingly many  have been looking for help to change their work life balance and to learn to  relax more.  During the pandemic, many of these clients were forced (like Mel) to be in lockdown. Some were working from home, some were furloughed, so trips to the Color or to see Mel in her classes,  was of coure just not possible.


All Mel is asked in return that attendees made a donation through her Just Giving Page, to a cause that Mel really cares about  the Hair and Beauty Charity   This is a long-established charity that was trying to help other professional hairdressers who have been in difficulty due to a variety of reasons, not just COVID -19.   

Relaxation Class

Relaxation can be for everyone





Mel firmly believes that by exploring relaxation techniques, this really helps improve your own ability to take care of yourself, and she realised many people needed help during the crisis.


What class members experienced

  • The release of negativity, tension, stress and anxiety.
  • The deepest relaxation, which many had never experienced before.
  • The creation of a calm and peaceful approach to daily challenges in lockdown.
  • Real deep healing.
  • The joy of experiencing much more restful nights’ sleep.
  • Gaining positive energy  to help with their daily life during lockdown.
  • Finding that safe place within a special place (that has always been there, but you needed to find out how to get there).
  • The way to enjoying the present moment.


Mel has been overwhelmed with your generosity – she has raised nearly £750.00  which is just so brilliant and Mel is just so grateful for all the donations made.

 The page is still live – so you can always donate if you wish