Ultimate Blonde

Mel has been fascinated and challenged by blondes throughout her career. She is recognised as one of the few  hair designers, who can really claim to have perfected the “Ultimate BlondeBlonde Beth” status for her clients.

Mel explains…


It’s all about using the best products, which is why I have used the Paul Mitchell range since in the late 1990s. Then it is about understanding the science of both the hair and the products, to be able to create individual formulations specifically for each  of my clients.


At the beginning of the journey

But most importantly it’s about the partnership of me with my client,  as we travel together on a  journey to reach our joint goal of perfect hair.


Ultimate Blonde

Following Treatments and Working Together











Some clients travel long distances to visit Mel’s salon in East Yorkshire (UK) have been known to ask Mel, to provide them a copy of her formulations she has used for their treatments. She politely, but firmly, has had to say no. She explains why

asking for my formulations, is like going into a Michelin Star restaurant and asking the chef to give you,  step by step instructions for  his signature dish so that it could be passed on to another restaurant. It  is simply not appropriate, in my opinion, to ask a professional such things.

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