Science of Hair

Hair cuticle

Damaged Hair Cuticle

Many people simply do not understand the depths of science involved in hairdressing. All hair and beauty courses have had to include science as a subject (often to the surprise of students) for many many years.


Chemistry of hair colour chart

Mel is quick to point out that if anyone stopped and thought about it.

Treatments are applied directly to the hair or sometimes the scalp. This means that the blend of products, the safety and ultimate success of the application, depends entirely on the skill and expertise of the professional concerned.


Mel’s Tools of the Trade

The industry has often suffered at the hands of the media, with hairdressers often being stereo-typically portrayed as having little or no education.


Clearly this is so not true in Mel’s case, with her appetite to constantly learn and develop her skills. Her product knowledge and formulations of colour are second to none in the industry.


It could also be why the move to describe professionals as hair-designers and colorists has become standardised, to try to move away from the poorly rated term of “just a hairdresser”

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