Starting Out

Having chosen to study Hair and Beauty at College, Mel found she soon excelled in both subjects and her life seemed to gain some focus. She had a spell of working in a very different environments, including in a very busy salon in Shetland. Then returning to mainland she met and married Richard also a highly qualified hairdresser,  with their son, Aaron, arriving very quickly after that.

Planning for her future

At this time Mel was working in a well known salon in Bridlington, where she had the full support of the owner, Mike. Mel will always be grateful that Mike supported and encouraged her to think about owning a salon. She started to think that this would be the best way forward for the family as she wanted to be able to provide their son, with the best opportunities life could give. She also felt strongly that she wanted her son to see his parents as good role models in life. So at 26 years of age Mel opened her first salon, alongside Richard, her husband, best friend and business partner.


Mel with her Black Belt

In order to give her some space for herself, Mel took to attending the gym, tried kick-boxing and then found Martial Arts gave her that something she had been looking for. 


So her first challenge was set, Mel is the first to say that through studying martial arts, she started to understand the connection between the physical state to mental focus. She became increasingly interested in the mind.


Mel also soon noticed her energy levels and  stamina increased. Improvements in her posture meant less aches and pains on busy days. She also recognised that a variety of her senses all seemed to intensify.


Gaining her Black-Belt 1st Dan, was a powerful boost to her own self belief and then without realising, it was on to her next challenge.

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