Gaining in Confidence

Everyone who meets Mel would always assume that she has always been full of confidence and that would be true of her when in the salon, going to trade events or attending product launches. But Mel knew deep down, that when it came to speaking to groups of people, she was not always confident that she could express herself fully. This was something she had always wanted to be able to do, and increasingly she had started to realise that helping others reach their potential was something she really wanted to do.


Studying martial arts to such a high level, Mel soon realised that she needed to constantly challenge herself in other ways. So she set herself a target to become more confident and believe in own her abilities. Again she was driven by the need to pass on her new found skills.


So taking a leap of faith, Mel registered with a singing teacher to help her understand how to project herself and be confident in front of an audience.  Mel soon realised that she thoroughly enjoying both the music and the challenge of performance. She passed her Royal School of Music  exams acheiving Grades 1 – 5, all with flying colours.

Mel at a recent performance


The next step was joining a choir and Mel began enjoying singing with other members of the group and they were soon performing to larger and larger audiences.


When a very high profile show was being planned, Mel offered her services to the choir master in her professional capacity. Mel had realised that he simply did not have the time to worry about the wardrobe and costume changes for the production and she thought she might be able to offer some advice.


Mel worked hard with the members and found her training as an image consultant, plus all the years of working with hair and make-up really helped with this extraordinary challenge. As a result the choir’s stage presence was increased greatly and  Mel realised that she had fulfilled her challenge – to work with a large diverse group of people  and taking them on a collective successful journey.

Another challenge met!

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