Beautiful Hair

Mel Johnson, Hair Designer

Mel Johnson

Mel’s passion for success, always striving to achieve the best results possible, means she has worked hard to improve her own hairdressing techniques and product knowledge over many years. She believes that top quality products are key to a beautiful hair.

Using the Best Products

Mel would say that she chose Paul Mitchell products due to their quality and the ethos of the company.

I  firmly believe that anyone can have  Beautiful Hair by agreeing to work with an expert hair-designer, who will give advice on selecting and using the right hair products  as well as taking time to help improve their health and well being. 


Mel is truly a breed apart with her mix of skills, expertise and intuition, all coupled with her determination to understand the importance of well being and the mind. In 2016 Mel and Richard refurbished their Salon The Color Bridlington, giving a focus on providing a wonderfully relaxing  experience to ensure that clients can gain every benefit possible whilst in the Salon.

Massage Chair


All clients can enjoy massaging back wash chairs, the benefits of soft mood lighting, whilst enjoying a quiet 30 minutes of “me time” sitting in the beautiful massage chair in the relaxation corner,  whilst their treatment continues to work on their hair.



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