The Complete Package


A qualified hair-professional for over 30 years and a  qualified holistic therapist for over 10 years there is no better way to become healthier and more relaxed, together with achieving beautiful hair, than to book with Mel and to follow her advice.


Mel and Richard chose to work with Paul Mitchell products from the late 1990s and have continued to do so ever since.They will often advise new clients about preparing their hair, even before their first treatment.  Many regular clients also utilise the Paul Mitchell range  between appointments and say that they can really do feel the benefit of these professional products.


Thanks to Mel’s extensive, if unusual, mix of knowledge of hair products and alternative therapies, she can offer a variety of techniques for clients from hair appointments right through to visualisation techniques to help prepare for those big life events.


Mel says

working with clients is so rewarding and something I enjoy more than anything. Although sometimes things take a little longer, I can honestly say that the end result is always worth it for both of us.

Mel Johnson


Mel continues to learn new things and is now studying yoga daily, taking her to a peaceful and calm place, which again helps her think about encouraging her busy clients to take time out to relax, to care for their bodies, their mind and their hair.


So Contact Mel and start your exciting journey with her today!



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