Fascinated by Learning

Mel’s journey of further self improvement took another interesting turn when having finished her Black Belt, Mel felt she needed to continue to develop and understand the power of the mind, as martial arts had taught her so much about mental strength and focus. So she enrolled on a series of courses which would begin to change her life in many ways.

Whilst still working and running the salon full time, Mel became interested in alternative therapies, she was soon qualified at both basic and advanced levels  and started to offer Reiki, the Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation

Mel now realised that being a hair-designer was only one part of the picture, so tooWilf Proudfootk the decision to go to Scarborough and attend her first of many courses in Hypnotherapy. Mel was a quick learner and also was fascinated by the aspects of the mind.  Her tutor was Wilf Proudfoot, a well known Scarborough business man, who had changed his career and way of life becoming a master hypnotherapist. Wilf recognised a kindred spirit in Mel and he encouraged her to continue with her learning journey.


Wilf became Mel’s mentor and inspired her to go on to study clinical hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) at advanced levels and to become a member of the UK Guild of Master Hypnotist Examiners (the oldest hypnotherapy organisation in the UK).


Mel now had completed a journey giving her a range of tools and experiences that she would go on to use with her clients on a daily basis.

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