Working with Mel

Working to achieve the look that her clients want is, as far as Mel is concerned, a partner

Mel Johnson

Professional Hair Designer & Colorist

ship. As a colour specialist, the condition of the hair is vital to the success of the end result. Taking a client onto her books, means working with Mel and following her advice in between visits to the Salon.


Mel explains

it is like going to the Doctors for a prescription, if you forget to take it – or choose not to – then do not be surprised that the symptoms do not go away.   So when I ask a client to use a certain product in a certain way in-between appointments, it is because I am building up the memory within the hair, in order to achieve the result that the client wants.


When I next do their hair, I can always tell when they have followed the instructions and when they do, the results are always so much better.


Aiming for a new look





going from shorter



To long



with amazing color and condition


Mel knows that gaining the trust of her clients is vital to a lasting partnership. She works hard to understand all aspects of her clients’ hair and their needs, whether simply from getting that welcome coffee on arrival or dealing with some big issues in their lives. Many clients have benefited enormously over the years, with booking separate sessions with Mel to help them conquer their own challenges.


Most clients trust Mel implicitly and simply let her work on their hair with little or no instructions from themselves. They are confident that Mel’s knowledge of their hair and lifestyle will always result in them leaving the salon feeling fantastic. That is why so many are happy recommend Mel to their friends.


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