Amy’s Story

Mel’s client Amy has taken time to write her story and send it to Mel.


It is a moving account of her preparations for her wedding from the first practices to the way she felt on her wedding day.

Mel hopes you will take some time to read the full account  as she explains just how fabulous Mel made her feel on the most important day of her life. (Remember to move through all three pages of the story, you will need to click on the bottom of the pdf viewer, to see the button to move through 3 pages)


Amy's Testamonial


Just a reminder that Amy finishes her story with the following comments about how she feels about Mel.

Overall I would like to personally thank Mel for everything over the years especially the run up to my wedding day.


You are not only a fantastic hairdresser, but an honest, trustworthy and passionate friend who will ensure your experience is the fairy-tale chapter you deserve.


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