Achieving your Dreams

Why Me?


If you read my website and in particular my blog you will realise that my own life has been a journey from humble beginnings to now being a successful business woman. I have my salon to run, my classes to organise and teach. I still have a young daughter at primary school and my husband and I still try to make time for the family as a priority.




People always tell me that they want to get their life balanced and want to live their lives in a better way.



Over the years, you can imagine that I have built up a range of loyal clients who all know that they can rely on my judgement about their clothes, colours, hair, etc. But you may not know that for 10 years I have also offered a discreet personal service to many ladies (and a few chaps too) which is carried out in a more formal arrangement.


As you can imagine I get a whole range of requests in the hair salon to help build the perfect image whether for wedding hair, a job interview, a special occasion or quite often a client will simply say


I want a new look

So perhaps it is time for you to contact me about your own dreams which may be one of these – or something completely different

  • You want to have the confidence to positively change your career.
  • You want to wear that outfit for that special occasion.
  • You want to achieve a healthier lifestyle
  • You wonder if your sports performance can be improved, and whether your goals are achievable
  • You want a more peaceful and calmer approach to daily challenges and obstacles
  • You want to take a more balanced approach to time spent on your work, your home and your family.
  • You want to be able to let go of everything that doesn’t serve you well.
  • You want to experience (and accept) happiness and contentment from within yourself.
  • You want to  gain the trust of employees and/or friends and the resulting outcomes will be so much better for all.

So why not explore if working with me is for you?

This is one of the most rewarding areas in my working life. I get to work with people who feel I can help them in some way. The feeling I get when a client has achieved their goals is just amazing, I am so privileged in my life to have these opportunities.


I charge by the hour and I always start with a pre-consultation before agreeing any further sessions. This is vital as most people do not really have an understanding of things such as NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) or Hypnotherapy or Trance Relaxation. It is important that we discuss possible ways of working and what techniques I might use.


Following this we agree a plan of how we will work together. This has to be a joint decision to, as I need the trust of my client 100% of the way. I  use a range of all my skills and always aim for a positive outcome. I have so many testimonials now it is hard to know where to start, but everyone of my clients have had great outcomes and all are so grateful for the work we have shared.

Do please get in touch and let us start a conversation built around what you hope to achieve and to help you get to where you want to go.