My World in 2020

Stepping into My World

I do hope you are all keeping well in these challenging times. I have not written much to share with you all, for such a long time, but in my world I have been using my creativity in so many other positive ways in my life. It feels like this has been a year of transition with some amazing changes. So please take a moment to read.


At the start of year, I would never have thought it would be a year for self-development,  to revalidate my whole career and life. Hand on heart, my intuition told me, I was entering, at the end of 2019 a life changing year. Well there is one thing for sure, I was completely right. I felt this strong feeling, I had to train my mind and body like Red Rum on his last race. The biggest hurdle of my career, but I needed my mind and its strength to get through it. How completely right was I?


So here I am, reflecting back with you my readers, at the end of 2020. I still feel a little strange  about the fact that during this pandemic, that unusually I have feel so incredibly positive about my future and everyone in my world. I am completely blown away when  think about each month of the year and how much I have achieved. It is quite unbelievable, what an amazing year I have had!  Although I literally have not left my home town of Bridlington since the end of March, I have been so fortunate to have used my time positively that I can now look back and realise that  I have connected with so many inspirational people, all of whom  have helped me in positive ways and helped me be where I am today.


Hard Working

How did I achieve connecting with so many, without leaving my home? Well, when the government closed our salon at the beginning of this horrendous pandemic Covid-19, I honestly truthfully was the lowest point of my career. I had always said as a part of one of my own challenges, that it would be me who made the decision as to when I should leave the chair. But I could never have imagined in a million years, that  I would be removed from my  chair, for 20 weeks out my working year. I was just about coming up to 25 years in business, and during that time,  I have had one day of sick and only took two weeks off,  for the birth off my daughter. I have only had one, two  week holiday. The rest of those years,  my only time away from the chair was for one week holidays.  I literally, have never cancelled any of my clients’ appointments or let anyone down in my whole career.  So as you can imagine, this was my worst nightmare!



All I can say to you now, is for the first time I feel that I can now say loudly and clearly, that I am not just a hairdressers.  I have so many therapy qualifications and I am so incredibly proud of my 20 year journey in gaining these qualifications. Because I really do not know where my journey would have taken me at the beginning April. I think I would have probably drowned in the complete overpowering negativity that was all around us. But I trusted in all my strong beliefs and used  every single tool in my box to enable me to swim back to the surface. I know I go on and on like a stuck record .That is all about the strength of my mind and well I think now people around me realise it is. I still feel amazed how the head of UK Guild of  Hypnotist practitioners, Lisa Morgan came into my life in April. Her regular meetings and her topics have all empowered my beliefs in the power of the unconscious mind. I truly am grateful to her, for giving her time to help people during the crisis. She made me realise, just how important it is, for me to to keep my skill of hypnosis in my everyday life.


When I reflect back on this year it has all been about removing the clutter, removing energies that no longer served me. Removing people in my life that would not allow me to be Mel Johnson. These people I have come to realise are actually bullies, demanding of my time and energy. Giving nothing at all back to me, other than their own bucket loads of negativity.


Stepping out of my comfort zone, has been really good for me, doing so many online workshops, which enabled me to develop new skills. I also realised expressing myself to others speaking my inner truth about what I really want in my life. This was so empowering as I was able to open new doors, which before I was too afraid and too scared to open. I felt I have been given a golden key to open these doors and for once In my life it seemed easier to enter. I just literally had to turn the key, open the door and step into the brightest light of amazing resources and opportunities and when I did they all came flooding into my vision. I asked questions daily, (I know now, it is always good to ask, as if you do not ask you do not get)!  I was  asking the universe to connect me to higher vibrational energies in order to lift my vibrations, to bring new knowledge and wisdom into my life. Connecting my energy each day to Mother Nature and the light. I have always (for last 25 years) had to start my day and end my day in the fresh air. It is lovely to see more people have learnt the importance of this in lockdown.

Digital tools have  become so important

Well, who would have thought I would be writing this now saying that my favourite item over the last year,  has not just been my sparkly scissors, which I purchased  in 2020,  but it is actually my Apple Mac book! My mentor Sal Cooke OBE will be laughing reading this, as I am now having to finally own up to saying, “I need my computer in my life, like I do my scissors”. She got there in the end after well over ten years of saying, just how important it was to be more digitally minded. Thank you for your patience Sal, I know how much you love a challenge. Peace love and happiness to you for 2021.


I have done so much and connected online with so many people it is incredible. I do feel my computer screen is like my mirror behind the chair. so in that way I have found it incredibly easy to adjust. I cannot believe how successful my own trance relaxation classes have been. These classes aim to help train the mind to have a more relaxed, peaceful, positive and calm approach to daily life tasks and challenges. I have helped so many individuals,  though this pandemic and was overwhelmed by the generosity of people when I decided to try to raise funds for the Hair and Beauty Charity Relief Fund . I could not believe just how much I raised from May to July, to help financially my fellow professionals in this difficult time. (nearly £800). I felt so rewarded knowing how I can help people by recording my class, then sending it to them by email which means that they can listen to it in their own time. If you would like to join my Four weekly classes just send me a email



I honestly can not believe how much my own yoga practice has improved, I have literally not been in a face-to-face yoga class since March. I am very fortunate to have two amazing, senior Iyengar yoga teachers, whose ability and their dedication and incredible hard work, meant them  switching quite early on in the pandemic,  to online teaching classes. But like so many of us, these sessions have been invaluable and personally have helped me so much, I am so grateful for all their help support this year.


The Color Makeover

Our salon  was faced with closure in March like everywhere else due to the first major national lockdown. I really and most definitely needed let go of this negativity. It was the most horrendous experience,  feeling the wave of sad energies, grieving for Richard, myself and all our amazing clients. But through Richard’s incredible hard work, motivation, determination, during lockdown,,  the salon had a complete new makeover for our reopening later in the year.  

You have no idea how happy we are in this present moment, how salon radiates our love and light. You can feel our love, how we have created a safe environment,  and we love feeling we are welcoming our guests into our own home.








We have also spent a significant amount of time working with Lance Brook from Yorkshire Advertising and  with help from Sal Cooke of Just Ask Sal, we finally got to grips with our brand and our name. So we have a new look for our logo and the web address is simply  Lance really worked us hard and for the first time I personally got involved in the mechanics of the online retail side of the business. The result is that we absolutely love our new website and our new online shop. Salon Success were very helpful, as the supplier of Paul Mitchell products in the UK. We think that the new image portrayed by the website,  is one we can both relate to and is a strong representation of our business.  We are also grateful for the work of The Edenic Group from Hull who helped me look at the focus of my new ventures very differently.

Paul Mitchell Systems


All of this activity, I hope gives you a strong understanding of how far we have come and our passion, dedication commitment to the brand John Paul Mitchell systems. We have also felt such a strong connection with the Paul Mitchell global family this year. Even though, we all suffered a huge disappointment,  when we could not go to the Global gathering in Las Vegas. This sparkling annual event was (like everything else)  cancelled event due to pandemic. So although I was really looking forward to flying first class, meeting everyone. I do know one day I will go to America to see everyone, and most especially, I really will meet with John Paul Dejoria. But for now I have learnt the lesson to be patient.  But it was lovely to connect with Angus Mitchell and Paul Mitchell UK and feel their support and togetherness.


So even though many people have been thinking that  everything  has  been negative this year.


I really hope you are getting the feeling that I turned these things each time into a positive. That’s the power of the law of attraction.

Honestly I could shout from the highest of roof tops, December 2020, has been my best month ever behind the chair.  I absolutely love every one that been in my chair and can say I have done my best beautiful hair to date. I feel a little strange, saying that sort of thing, when so many salons have closed after having had such a negative year. But I feel I wanted share with you my positive experience behind the chair. There are so many people in my industry sharing such negativity. I really feel it is much nicer to share positivity and this I am doing from the very bottom of my heart,.


I truly am grateful and appreciate of my life at this very present moment. I take nothing, I mean nothing for granted.  There is still so much that I want to share with you that  I really am struggling to break it down into readable sections.  But I hope you will read on!!!

The Color of Life

If you remember? Last December I told you all that I was going to to expand my business and have a studio for different events, this had been a very clear vision during the latter part of 2019.  I had thought of a strap line, “The Color Of Life”. I had been thinking and  planning that I would celebrate my 20 year journey of remaining positive,  healthy and creative behind the chair by starting anew venture.  Well I can now tell you all that this “dream” is real, it is clear and is right in front of me now.


I am already busy creating a new website so that I can sell everything that I believe in, Richard has worked every minute and every hour to create the most amazing space in our building  and I cannot wait to open our doors fully, when this pandemic is settled to share this reality with you. I will be  thrilled to  welcome you and the most inspirational teachers world wide into our exciting new space.


Our building will represent healthy hair, mind and body.  I feel this is absolute perfect timing, because my intuition is guiding me, 2022 is the year where health will be the new wealth. I feel I just needed 2021, to still use my repeated stuck record technique, to get people to understand the importance of obtaining balance in all areas of their life. It is not a quick fix and material objects can not buy all of this. But I do know for sure, that  anyone can achieve a balanced life in all areas of their own life,  if they have healthy mindset. Believe me, my journey over the last 20 years is all about keeping my mind positive and every day it is a constant challenge. But I know from the many lessons I have learnt, that it is definitely worth the challenge, the endless perseverance, my self control, my motivation, my personal time and space to achieve this. I know how important it is to look after myself first, only then can I be true to others and show no resentment. I really feel this will be my greatest teaching mantra to pass on to others, as as I move further forward in my own career.


So I am incredibly excited about my new chapter in my journey in life. I know that although I am feeling all of this now,  I am really only at the beginning of my journey in my career. God-wiling I will stay as healthy as I am today. So I can help, guide, share ,my positivity, my knowledge my inner wisdom, my inner just-knowing what is best for you, my love, my light, have some fun and laughter along the way.  Those of you who know me, know that  I am real, I am authentic and I have been there and worn the tee-shirt. I now know I have had to go through the struggles in my own life going back from my childhood to this present day, so that I can build the trust and have  empathy and understanding for everyone who needs to be in my world.

My thanks

I would like to thank, (yet again) my husband my business partner Richard, who is the strength behind me,. I know that you do so much for me and the business and your have the most incredible patience. You have so many roles in your life and you never once ever complain. I am so incredibly fortunate for our togetherness, I cannot wait to celebrate 25 years working with you in 2021. Also huge thank you to my son Aaron for all your support this year and your patience.  I am incredibly proud of the man you have become and I feel so incredibly positive for your future. Also my daughter Angel , you really are the most caring thoughtful young girl. You bring so much light into my life, and also keep me on my toes !! I am so incredibly blessed.


I do hope you all have good health, peace,  love and happiness for 2021.

I will now let go of any negativity from 2020  with these inspirational words from John Paul Dejoria.

In the end everything will be ok ,

And if it is not ok, it’s not the end



Love and light

Mel Johnson xxx








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    An amazing year and so many achievements despite the Pandemic Congratulations & looking forward to The Color of Life

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