Running a Successful online Class

I do hope you are all keeping well, I thought I could let you know that I have just run a very successful four week online class and that August is starting to become a very busy month.


I have a strong sense that August is beginning to show the strong aftershocks of the horrendous nightmare storm that has been COVID-19. Many people I am meeting  are trying to settle into a new sort of normal routine. But I feel a sense that it is really now effecting people’s mental health. The new normal must be thought about and not fought against, we should not be thinking that it is like a battle we are not going to win.  Personally I think we still need to face the facts and not bury our heads in the sand, as COVID-19 is still very much in the present. So keeping safe and healthy is the new wealth and  will be the golden key to life in 2020 and beyond.


I am so pleased I listened to my own intuition and have stuck to a very strict health and safety procedure here in our salon (The Color) from the first day back from lockdown. Our guests, many of whom are now on their second visit all seem very happy with our new positive way of working. It is quite unbelievable how many new client enquires we have had. It has been really lovely to receive so many calls and it has been good to hear from them all, just how much they value our careful approach and the level of details we have put in place.


Richard and I both feel that August is going to be the best month of our career. Even though  we have had to accept that we can no longer go to Las Vegas this Saturday for the 40 year Paul Mitchell gathering and celebration. Which we both felt so sad about when the event (understandably) was cancelled in March, it felt such a negative response and dashed our dreams of what would have been an amazing trip.  But now, we both still feel so incredibly positive and  we both know why this is!!


We are actually putting our energies into creating my vision that I have nurtured for many years. This vision gives me a warm glow and makes me feel proud of  my successful 20 year journey. I truly believe, I have kept myself creative, positive, with a  healthy body, and mind, whilst I work behind the chair. 


My  vision is coming nearer and brighter for me and now Richard has started some of the building work, it is one step nearer reality. Our hope is that the whole building will represent healthy hair, mind and body. It is quite exciting to think that the whole building is having a complete makeover. This month, the new shop front will be installed, and this will (we hope) reflect the high standards we expect of our business and will also match our amazing new website  with its online shop and details of our salon.

Part of the development is to create a new area upstairs, which we will call The Studio, and this is already making amazing progress. The Studio will offer a very modern, sterile, safe yet relaxing environment for teachers and attendees. We will also have a smaller meeting room which can be booked separately if required.  We are hoping that lots of amazing events will happen in the building and I can clearly see people travelling from all over, to atttend sessions and now with the added confidence of using the  digital world, I think that so many more people will be able to join sessions in our buidling. I am so excited at the prospect of having so many amazing inspirational people in my future, it is all so very liberating.

You have to always remain positive, even in times when there is is darkness all around the world. So I feel very grateful and appreciate all Richard’s help with his knowledge of property development which is really helping bring my vision to life. He is working so incredibly hard, because he says he can see such potential and positivity for the future of our building.



With all the builiding work going on upstairs, never mind the current restrictions in place due to COVID, I have not yet started any of my classes face to face. But this week sees the end of my first post lockdown, four week class, which I have still chosen to deliver online. I use my many professional skills, gathered over the last 20 years, to promote a relaxed, calm, positive, peaceful mind and body. Sharing my knowledge and wisdom and determination to overcome any challenges put in my path.

I am a very strong believe of law of attraction. I firmly believe in positivity and will no longer tolerate any form of negativity in my life. I just simply let it go, wait for a positive outcome to come flooding in to my life. Positivity is far more powerful then anyone that practices negativity. I have learnt to flip the script.



From the feedback I have been given this first four week class was hugely successful and actually gave me inner contentment  helped by the fact that I had made a positive difference. I believe everyone has the power to relax. The most sceptical person, will always gain the most positivity from my work. If you know me well you will know I love a challenge.


So let me know if you would like to attend my class, or you have a group of people you would like me to consider as a group.  Perhaps your own family, friends, colleagues at work or your employees if you are in business,  might make up a group.  Or perhaps you are thinking that you just want to give my four week class a try just for yourself.


Remember you can always contact me via my email address  and I can talk through your requirements.



So I had now best get up, I have another busy day, now. So do please take care and keep smiling.



Love and Light

Mel Johnson XXX


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