It is absolutely Safety First for our guests at The Color 

‘I do hope you are all well and keeping Safety First at the front of your thoughts. It really does seem as if life is starting to get back to some sort of normal after all these months. In the world of  hairdressing “the new normal” is certainly different for those salons like ours, where we are taking the threat of  COVID-19 extremely seriously and  I promise I will do until anything changes dramatically in the future.


This week, I spent my birthday working in my salon and it really hit home to me how different my working  day is  these day. It is really unbelievable how things have changed since my last birthday. One year on, never did I think it would be like this and having to work under such strict guidelines and regulations. I am sure you all know by now, that I follow my strong intuitions. I knew deep in my heart that in order for me to come back to work in the salon, that  the strictest procedures had to be in place for our clients at The Color.  As such, I am having to get used to working in full PPE,  I have chosen to do this for my clients’ safety. All our clients are asked to wear masks, whilst I wear both a mask and a visor. Every guest on arrival brings their client health questionnaire, I record everyone’s temperature and everyone sanitisers their hands on entering salon. I work within protective screening, so my clients all feel safe.


Officially we do not need the screening between our work stations, because our salon is so spacious, with high ceilings and a vast open floor space. But the screens create a comfortable and safe feeling for my guests, and they have commented just how pleased they are that we have taken such extensive measures to put their safety first.


I do find it quite terrifying and disturbing just how many hair and beauty salons are not taking COVID seriously and do not appear to be putting their clients’ safety first. I hear from a range of sources that there are salons which appear to be just working exactly how they used to do before the pandemic. How anyone can relax and feel safe  in this type of environment, where it would appear that no one cares about their own health and safety or that of customers, I just do not known. But one thing strikes me,  is that these are places where all they do seem to care about is making money from people desperate to get their hair done again.  But enough of all of that – I can only deal with my own salon and making sure that myself and Richard and all our clients are kept as safe as we possibly can make it.



Another thing that indicates a return to “normal”, is that this week saw me start to do my weekly Tuesday night trance relaxation class. Currently this is just available online via the Zoom platform.  In the future I plan to do both in my new spacious sterile studio, as I will be able to have online members join with those who are with me in the Studio. As you can imagine, I am very excited about this. I just love sharing my extensive professional skill-set and by doing so, I know I am helping my class members have a more relaxed, calm, peaceful and positive approach to their daily lives with all its tasks and challenges. It is so  rewarding for me to be able to make time in my busy working week to give back to this loyal group of class members.


I realise that I am extremely fortunate to have a very loyal client base and have always had the benefits that this type of loyalty brings, throughout my career, wherever I have worked behind the chair. I am also very fortunate that over my long career I have developed so many other skills, that have really helped me in the current situation.  We have had so many enquiries from a wide range of people, as it seems that  news travels fast in a small town and the surrounding area. It soon became known just how seriously we were treating the health and safety of our guests. Quite often the prospective guests that contact me, are really nervous and anxious about attending a salon and do not want to go to their own hairdresser who may not be taking their safety seriously.


I have made a decision that we should try to help in anyway we can, it is so uplifting and positive for Richard and I to see the reactions of clients as they leave the salon. We are blown away with all the positivity in our salon, with our guests saying it is the most relaxed they have felt since before lockdown. We have received cards, gifts  and had so many messages. I know hand-on-heart all our guests have probably known just how much we care for their health and safety.  But now our regular and very loyal guests can really see just how we care for everyone. It really does seem that the proof is there for all to see.


My intuition is guiding me to keep going with my strict health and safety procedures. I have to just keep saying

Remember one thing , COVID-19 is very real and has NOT gone away


I am tired of hearing,  it’s just like the flu”. Well I am 51 and I have never seen or heard of anything that made the whole world stand still. The stories I have heard this last three weeks are very real and the virus is clearly not going anywhere until there is a vaccine.



So please look after your health and safety, this will be vital in the months ahead, whilst the UK is returning back to some sort of  normal life.  Remember the winter months (and all that brings) are not far away!



Feel free to contact me on our new website where you can shop for all the Paul Mitchell range and also you can send a message to us  and I  will always make time to help in any way I can


Love and light

Mel Johnson xx