Day 9 Being Back Behind the Chair 

Well here I am again, day nine of returning Back Behind the Chair. I really do hope you are all keeping well. I have not had anytime to write blogs over the last weeks. My day has started at 4.00am every day for the last eight days. But today I sneaked a few moments at 5.00 am to write this, as I thought I should write something to tell you about how I am  experiencing my world, now I am back behind the chair and tell you about my new way of working.


Well I  can honestly say, I absolutely love the work. Richard and I are an amazing team. We are both just thriving as we tackle all of the very challenging hair colour makeovers. We have both realised, how much we love doing colour corrections. But feel so grateful for our extensive knowledge of our Paul Mitchell Products and Olaplex. I definitely feel, in fact I 100% believe, that  hairdressers without this expertise and knowledge of professional  products will be having serious nightmares, there may even be hair disasters happening as we speak. Neither Richard or myself at The Color, are challenged at all, by receiving clients into the salon with well over 20 week’s regrowth. Normally speaking that would takes at least five visits to get anywhere near to the colour the client originally had.


We have both thought that we will be definitely specialising in the future, in the art of colour correction. We find it just so rewarding and definitely shows the work of a professional colourist.  Check out some of the images on the gallery on our new website and take a look at some of our work this last week, remember to click the load more button to see more.


Richard and I are working everyday, every hour to get all our guests, back to feeling that they have  beautiful hair once again. We have no favourites, we love all our guests. We have been blown away by all the amazingly positive feedback on everyone’s first salon experience, on their return after lockdown. We have been humbled by the beautiful and generous gifts we have been given.


What we needed to ensure that clients were prepared for the length of time their first visit would take. To give you an idea, we have allowed between 1 to 3 hours extra for every appointment. We have also been trying to explain to everyone, just how much product we are having to use.


We have never used so much colour products in one appointment. In some cases, we have been using up to 10 times more colour for a 20 week root. If I am honest, I have been a little disappointed by a small number of clients perhaps  3% of our appointments, where we faced a lot of negativity from these clients  who just thought nothing would have changed and therefore their first visit back would be no different to their last salon visit, both in time taken and the price of the appointment.


I hate to say it, but if you had builder price a job, it would be obvious that they would not charge the same price if building a three bedroom house compared to a  six bedroom house. Some of our guests have missed five appointments. The revenue the salon lost In all that time is incredible. There will be  many hair salons that will not be able to reopen their business, that makes me feel very sad. I feel that this 3% do not really fully appreciate the time and effort that has gone into bringing hair salons to the right standards to be able to re-open.  Richard and I have been determined from day one, to do absolutely everything we could to keep both our clients and each other safe.


I feel that potentially this same small group of clients also think that it is unnecessary for us to be adopting all our strict salon procedures, including the fact that we are both wearing PPE.  Well, I don’t know about you, but  having heard first-hand all the horrendous and horrific stories about Covid 19. Everyone needs to understand, how strongly I want to protect myself and my guests. Because believe me, this storm is not over yet. Anyone that going into a hair salon which is not adhering to all the standards for hygiene and not wearing PPE are honestly risking their own life and anyone else that they come into contact with.


I can tell you that it is extremely tough wearing PPE for 13 hours a day, and at the end of each day  my ears are sore and my face burns bright red. But I feel content, that I think my life and my guests’ lives have been  protected. I know I always go on and on, just like a stuck record, your health is the new wealth.


I have got so many more positive things to tell you all,  but now I must get up and get sorted for my busy day. Day Nine  just to let you know is a  Sunday, I have never let any of  my guests down and God-willing I never will.


Our clients are all so excited that with only one salon visit,  they are leaving The Color with their beautiful hair once again, yes in one salon visit!!


Love and light

Mel Johnson