I am ready – Are You?

I do hope you are all keeping well, I thought you might like to know that I am ready and getting nearer to opening our salon door and welcoming our guests back.

The salon is ready, so I just wanted to share with you my experience when I walked in to check on the building late afternoon today. When we had to close the shop up,  the energy of the salon was so sad and it had a feeling of grieving.  I really thought how is it ever going to return to feeling happy again?



Well after having a complete makeover all done by Richard himself, The Color is ready.  I am truly grateful for the fact that Richard, like me has another complete skill set, as well as his hairdressing skills.  If you know Richard you will know of his passion for property development and during this time, I am honestly so very appreciative for his hard work. He said this evening he is really pleased with his work, but he can’t wait to get back working in the Color for a rest !!

So my incredibly busy day began with me feeling a sense of excitement within. Like something really exciting was going to happen. When I opened the door of the building,  the energy, I felt was incredible. It was such a positive powerful, uplifting and enlightening  experience. Very hard to describe, like a wave of energy, an immense feeling of calm, peaceful, relaxed contentment, entered my body and mind. The happiness, I felt within me made the feeling of  excitement come to the surface of my emotions. Tears filled my eyes, such happiness that our salon’s energy was happy once again and ready for our return.  You have no idea how amazing that felt.


Well  I think I can say that I am now feeling the benefits of investing my time over the weeks of lockdown, in preparing myself mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually for my return.  At the very start of lockdown I constantly felt I was drowning in the negativity of the pandemic, the deepest darkest storm. Richard and I  were constantly saying to each other, a phrase we always use, we either sink or we swim.


Well this morning, writing this blog we have definitely made it and we have  swum to the shore.


The sky is the brightest blue, the sea is calm and there is warm contented feeling. On the swim, we had let go of everything that no longer serves us. We have becoming stronger, with our togetherness. We have raised ourselves up to a higher vibration to bring in positive help and support to prepare us for our new chapter of our career.


On the rough sea and tough mentally challenging swim, we have kept the clear vision on the distant shore with its beautiful golden sand, where our future was bright. We are grateful and appreciative for all the help and support we have been given to swim to the shore, at times needing that life belt to keep going.


My great belief in the laws of attraction, shows that what you put out into the universe is what you get back. We asked the universe to bring the people into our lives to help us swim. We then always show gratitude and appreciation for our health, family, friends, clients, for the Paul Mitchell global family and everyone who is in our world , who we have been mentioning in our daily mantra to be protected and remain healthy and safe in this horrific storm which we are all still experiencing.

So we are both definitely prepared mentally, emotionally,  physically and spiritually for the new normal. I know so many hair salons will be opening their doors  and it may well be just the same as it was when they closed down.  Some hairdressers, are believing it is going to be the same.


Well it is very definitely not. People have experienced so much in lockdown, I know so many of my own clients have lost loved ones to the Coronavirus. This pandemic force is not over yet, it is frightening to think people will be risking their lives going into environments that are not safe and sterile.


I feel nobody is invincible in this world and remember you cannot see the Coronavirus. So I will not be risking my life or anyone’s life, by not doing the correct procedures in our salon.  Here is a little advice, before going to your own hair appointment, ask what health and safety procedures they have in place. This will give you a very strong indication on how they care for you and themselves. Give it some serious thought.



From 4th July, I think I will be facing  my biggest challenge to date in my career. I feel physically, mentally, emotionally stronger and healthier then I have felt in my whole life. So I was completely right, in January that I had to train my body and mind to be stronger. God-wiling, this strength in my mental and physical capacity  remains positive. I try  to show gratitude for this daily and take nothing for granted.



I welcome this new chapter in my life’s journey,  I feel this is going to be the best chapter (maybe one of the hardest),  in my career, and just maybe the chapter that eventually will give me that push to write my autobiography. But for now I am happy just to create each page to be filled with positivity, opening the doors to new people coming into my life, each giving me the opportunity to keep following my clear vision for my future.


Please stay protected, your health is the new wealth. No money or material possessions can buy this most precious gift of healthy mind and body.

Love and light
Mel Johnson xx

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  1. Carole Aconley says:

    Thank you Mel for your positivity and love. Look forward to seeing you and the salon. xx