Professional hairdressers return to the chair


It is now 12 weeks now since the government closed our salon doors. But now we in the industry,  are starting to feel a sense of excitement as professional hairdressers get ready to return to the chair.  For myself, I am just feeling a sense of compassion, love and support for my fellow professionals on their return. Like all of them, my phone and emails are buzzing constantly with people getting in touch to try to book an appointment. So I am sure all of us are doing our best to accommodate our regular clients in a fair and honest way.


I feel we are seeing some light and I feel that like me, most professionals are preparing for their return to be from the 4th July. I am sure we are all praying for this date to stay in the government plans and that we can get back safely behind our chairs.  I know, for definite that our industry has been very much missed. We do so much for our client’s personal appearance, which I strongly feel has a huge effect on my own guest’s health and well-being. I do feel we are the only profession in the world, that can take up to 20 years off a person’s image, without any surgical procedures.



So as I am writing this blog, I would like you to all just take a moment and for you to individually  show your compassion, respect, support, love and understanding to your own professional hairdresser, on their return. They have been, just like Richard,  so busy preparing their salons to welcome you all back safely.

They will have all been receiving professional help and support to help them start to plan for the new ways of working. We all know now that the pandemic has been life changing for many of us. We as professional hairdressers, need all our clients to understand that nothing will be the same in our industry and all salons will be working so differently.




Personally  I feel that quick production and cheaper hairdressing will be an thing of the past and may never return. One to one hairdressing, with clients experiencing a VIP experience is the future. We also know that financially this will have a huge impact on a lot of hairdressing salons. It is with great sadness  that I predict quite a few salons will not be able to survive this new way of working, we must show compassion for those whose livelihoods have been taken away from them, through no fault of their own.



There are some real positives to think about. What an amazing profession for those future hairdressers, as surely now we will finally be recognised as  professionals in our own right. Hallelujah, some people will never see us in the same category as lawyers, solicitors, doctors etc.  But we should be seen in the same light as engineers, mechanics as specialists in our own profession and no longer thought of as low achievers. That is the future vision, I can see in my mind’s eye.


So as we all prepare for our return, what do I think will be happening for clients at this stage, and what might they experience on their return?  Well I do know, that just like me,  all hairdressing professionals will be contacting their clients  who already had an appointment booked with them when lockdown started. These will be salon guests who regularly book their next appointment, as they leave each time. (Which by the way, I think will become the norm in the future).


If you are not booked into your salon on the first day of re-opening, please do not be offended by this. Professional hairdressers, have no favourites in their salons, they love all their clients. So please  do not  show any resentment, anger, or aggressive and rude behaviour, because we will all be doing our very best for all our loyal clients.  

Please show compassion to your hairdresser,  in all our years in our industry, or indeed in our life-time, none of us have ever experienced anything like this pandemic. Just think, millions of females all wanting to be that first guest to sit in that chair.


This will be an overwhelming experience for many of us. Personally, I am grateful to have so many tools in my box to help me with this immense, mental pressure. But I am starting to feel negative pressures, like I have never experienced before in my career. We need our clients to be  understanding and trust us to do our very best for every one of you as you return, patience is needed by us all.



Like the saying, good things come to those who wait. I know within my own life I have had to personally learn to be patient and I totally agree with this sentiment 100%. You have to trust and have faith and believe in a positive outcome. What you put out to the universe, is what you get back.


I know as a professional hairdresser,  I also need my clients to help me by starting to look after their hair before that first visit. So I am asking everyone to prepare their hair for their next salon visit. I totally understand that perhaps, you have not been able to keep up with your Paul Mitchell after-care products, as you would normally do. But you can still help me to help you.


I know already,  having spoken to quite a few clients, they have  been thinking,  what’s the point of bothering with my hair, it looks horrendous with its 2 inch roots?  But now this is a must for everyone’s return. After over 12 weeks of  not having your hair professionally treated.  I really believe  your hair is crying out for moisture and needs some  tender loving care.


So as a Paul Mitchell professional, I feel I need to ask you to  prepare your hair for a much easier return. It is important for you to not be afraid to contact your own professional hairdresser, and ask them  is their any preparation that needs to be applied to your hair before your first salon visit? Also please take their advice as to what products should you use. This will help so much and will save so much time on your return to the salon.  I know for sure they will all appreciate this, because I feel the same, when my guests are contacting me.


It is really heartwarming to think that they are thinking of me and not just themselves.  It is so positive for everyone concerned, It will all cut down on your costs and importantly the time needed in the salon. Most of my guests have now missed at least four appointments, which means that their hair has lost many hours of tender loving care and has not had my professional input for so long, to keep their hair in  beautiful condition. 


I do feel at this very present moment, there are lots of conflicting energies in the the universe, as  professional hairdressers return to work. There are immense pressures to bring their business financially back from the brink. This is also creating anxious feelings and not knowing how and if they will be able to make a success of the new normal and the changes in the ways of working is quite simply frightening. 



Many of us will still be  home schooling our children, having to make arrangements in difficult times. We also have a sense of immense excitement, just to be able to be getting back behind the chair and deal with the challenge of literally 100s of demands for  makeovers.  We are also worrying about thinks like needing to adjust to wearing personal protective equipment (PPE). The additional costs of all the new safety measures and the fear of losing clients. We might also be experiencing nightmares and still have fears of how will we stay safe and not contract the corona-virus as we have to  see so many clients in a week rather than having been shielding at home hardly meeting anyone (and then only at a distance).


All this on top of thinking how will we cope physically, mentally and emotionally with the long days and the immense work-load. Perhaps you can begin to understand and see how our lists of worries  go on and on.


I personally have been preparing myself from the beginning of the lockdown and I had had a very strong vision in January of what life might be like.  It was really strange, but I am sure that this vision helped me train myself mentally and physically for what we were about to experience. The vision I had,  was of Red Rum the race horse and it was his final hurdle. I knew I was going to go through some life-changing events. I was not aware of what they were at that stage. But  I truly believed that if I prepared myself, I would god-wiling, remain positive and then I would get through whatever was to come.



In lockdown, hand-on-heart I have got up every day at 6 am, and I have never missed.  I trained my body and my subconscious mind to cope with a long run every morning, whatever the weather. This was all to help me let go of negative thoughts and emotions. I needed to gain clarity in my mind, which for me personally is a major contributor to my physical and mental health. I have also practiced yoga every day for my mental strength and I have made sure I have repeated my daily positive mantras and affirmations, all of which  have helped me in listening to my intuition and receiving  positive guidance.


I have learnt to accept that the hairdressing industry, that I have known and loved, will never be the same again.  But I now feel really positive about Richard and my own careers and  because we are positively embracing the new ways of working, we feel it’s giving us a  new beginning, a new chapter  in the hairdressing  industry that we both love and share together.



God-wiling it is not the end, it is just the beginning of a really exciting journey.





Stay safe, stay positive and keep smiling. Your professional hairdressers are returning very soon.


Love and light
Mel Johnson xx

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  1. Maggie Walsh says:

    Wonderful positive, uplifting words as always Mel ❤️