Even in Lockdown I am enjoying the experience of making so many positive connections

My week has been full of experiencing lots of positive connections. I hope that you will enjoy reading about them.



How are you all this week, well I hope?  There’s one thing for sure,  me and my fellow professionals are feeling much more positive now as we can start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I think as well, we have all had lots of positive messages about just how much we are truly being  missed by our clients. As a result, I think we are all starting to realise  just how important we are for peoples’ health and well-being. I think for many of us, before this storm, this was probably taken very much taken for granted.





Well for me now, I feel a very strong sense, I am back to work, obviously not behind the chair. My relaxation class, empowering  attendees by helping them relax their body and mind during these life challenging times which for some is really like a nightmare storm at the present moment.


Over the last 20 years many of you will know that my journey has helped my strong belief that a calm relaxed mind will always be my ultimate positive weapon to battle through my personal life challenges. So it is so wonderful to  be able to connect with some many people  digitally. I am literally overwhelmed with the positive feedback, I have received so far. After my classes this week, all I could describe was a feeling that I was being thrown, bucket loads of positivity all over me.


A heartfelt thank you, for everyone who is joining my online classes, during which I will share my knowledge and wisdom learnt over many years.  If you are reading this you are more then welcome to join the classes – just head on to my contact page and sign up. http://www.mel-johnson.co/getting-in-touch/


Wouldn’t you like to be more positive, relaxed  in  your daily lifes’ challenges, tasks, and obstacles?


It would be lovely if you can donate to the Hair and Beauty Charity Relief Fund on my just giving page  It is so much appreciated and I am literally in awe over  everyone’s generosity.   https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/thecolormeljohnson


Another bit of good news,  Salon Success, https://www.salon-success.co.uk/ The UK distributors of Paul Mitchell products, have  kindly donated £7,000 to the same relief fund,  from the sales of Paul Mitchell retail bags.  How amazing is that?


Well I have certainly had a busy week preparing myself for my return behind the chair. Lots of personal development, I would like to thank Barry Drew for his invite  to his online workshop. https://www.barrydrew.com/  last Sunday. I  re met up with Barry from Dublin, who I originally met during a  workshop, I had attended just before lockdown. I found his workshops so helpful and inspiring for my personal development.  so to be able to attend on line is great.



Last few weeks on a Tuesday evening, I have reconnected with https://ukguild.com/ UK Guild of hypnotist practitioners.


Lisa Morgan the current  Chair of The Guild,  is kindly doing a workshop each week on different subjects to empower the mind.




She recently wrote a book called Comply with me.  She is very busy at the  moment creating an audio book of it.  My heartfelt thank you to Lisa for my weekly invites. I look forward to seeing each week’s subject.



Richard and I had received an  exclusive invite to connect with John Paul Mitchell Systems top business coach Anthony Whitaker, who runs https://growmysalonbusiness.com/ we connected with Paul Mitchell global family salon owners. So interesting to hear about how salons are returning after the storm throughout the world.


On Friday, we celebrated our 27th  wedding anniversary, that evening, we connected online with Angus Mitchell, https://www.instagram.com/angusmitchell_/?hl=en   son of Paul Mitchell and co- owner of John Paul Mitchell Systems. Angus and his lovely partner Mara live in America and we had hoped to meet them in Las Vegas this year. But this was the next best thing



It was also so lovely to see Paul Mitchell UK family.  It was such an inspirational feeling. Getting to hear and learn about  what John Paul Dejoria and Angus Mitchell, are doing to empower their global family. They are using their own strength, determination, motivation, positivity, love, light and  togetherness to globally connect and unite us all as one.


With this empowering feeling of “we are in this together and together we are strong” I really think and believe that no  other hair and beauty company are helping their salons in the way that they are proposing to do now.


So we will definitely be injecting all this energy and feeling of empowerment,  from our experience with the Paul Mitchell global family, into our salon refurbishment.


We have been loyal to the brand of Paul Mitchell for 22 years  and now this is helping us positively return to The Color in a very positive way.  Together we pray, that our affirmations  are heard so that god-willing over many more years to come, we will hold a clear vision for our future.



Next year we will be celebrating 25 years working together in the hairdressing industry. Our partnership gets stronger each year that goes by.


It was also on Saturday that I had another chance to make yet more  amazing connections. This time to practice yoga  at an International Iyengar yoga globally advertised event. I was so lucky to get a place.  Here in the UK this was also fundraising for the NHS.


During the online sessions I had the honour to train with six different Iyengar yoga teachers and  I was so privileged to be trained by Mr Iyengar’s granddaughter Abhijata. Just listening to her inspirational words was simply amazing. This event, seeing so many like-minded people connecting world-wide was an enlightening experience. I send everyone involved in this event my gratitude, and importantly love and light .


I would also like to thank my truly inspirational Yoga teacher, Christine Rumley   https://yorkshirecoastyogaholidays.co.uk/  for her continued weekly invitations to her online classes and for all her help and encouragement keeping me motivated and helping ensure  that I keep up with my daily yoga practice.  This is so important to me that I remain healthy for my return back to the chair. I feel so grateful and appreciative in having that level of support from her.


This morning I have been chatting to Richard and saying, we always travel on our journey  together. We have always taken the view that we will either sink or we swim. Well at the beginning of this darkest of this storm,  I think we both thought we were literally drowning in all the negativity that was subsuming everyone.


But like always we prayed for help and guidance to come to us. We brought in the light to connect with us and help us see the vision for our future. Our two souls have always seemed to give each other the strength of togetherness, and now we have so many other people who are adding to our lives and connecting with us giving us even more strength. So our own home grown tools which have always given us our joint strength to enable us to swim, to the calmer waters, just seem to be  help us both get stronger and stronger.


So much more tell you, but I must go as I must have some family time with Angel.


Thank you for connecting to my world, empowering light in the  darkest of storms.


Love and light

Mel Johnson xx