So excited to receive an exclusive invitation from John Paul Mitchell Systems

I so wanted to share with you my total excitement, having received an invitation directly  from Paul Mitchell Systems in the United States, but more of that later.


Firstly,  I thought I would share with you my hopes about Richard and I being able to return to work in our salon (god willing), once this dreadful storm has passed. I do hope you and your family are all keeping well in your own households.  Here we are very much in our routines now, with my daughter’s schooling, walks and online classes. Plus now excitingly thinking about our return to The Color Bridlington, we hope in the not too distant future.


Some of you already know that I am a firm believer in the power of positive affirmation (I wrote a blog about it a little while ago – you can check it out here )  Each day I send an affirmation out believing it will help us gather our strength of mind and that we will  return back to The Color Salon, here in Bridlington and we will be back behind the chair greeting our loyal clients who we will now be classing as our  VIP guests.


We really do have a feeling we are getting both the salon  and ourselves, ready to get back to work. We know we cannot work  behind the chair, until the government regulations allow us to do so. So instead, we are just putting our combined positive and creative energies to work,  as we plan to re-open The Color Salon doors following a full refurbishment. We are aiming to give a very  carefully coordinated approach to our clients, taking care about how many people are allowed in the salon at once, social distancing will be the norm. We are creating a very very  safe, sterile  but still very relaxing environment.



We not only want the very best for our guests, we also want the safest. We are both very much tuned into the new positive ways of working. How exciting for our guests to The  Color, a Paul Mitchell signature salon, to receive exclusive VIP treatment. Why?  Well to put it simply because you all deserve it.




We will make sure your visit to The Color is the best possible experience, yes even better then you have experienced before. Keep reading, I will keep sharing our news about  our positive return in future blogs.


Personally, I have been overwhelmed with the many, invites to lots of different online events and courses. A heartfelt thank you to everyone for these generous invitations. It has just been an amazing way of keeping connected, but also it has been very important, in helping me look after myself physically, emotionally and mentally.



At the beginning of this week, I had been thinking about the fact that it is our 27th  wedding anniversary. We would normally plan something special, but  this year like lots of people, I accept (with gratitude) that being safe and being well at home,  is our gift to each other. Maybe the universe was sending me something positive for the two of us ….. Keep on reading!


So back to that special and very exclusive invitation from America,  asking us to connect with Angus Mitchell, who is the son of Paul Mitchell the co-owner and co founder of  John Paul Mitchell Systems. So tomorrow evening (our time), we are  both really looking forward to connecting with just 18 other Paul Mitchell professionals, (the two of us makes 20 in total), from the global Paul Mitchell family.




What a lovely surprise, Richard and I had been so looking forward to meeting Angus at the Paul Mitchell gathering in Las Vegas this July,  but when it was cancelled I will be honest and tell you that truthfully I was really disappointed.  So actually on our wedding anniversary, we really do have something positive to look forward to. We will definitely have a glass champagne to celebrate. You can join us too if you wish!







Here is the invitation for you to read for yourself.


An exclusive invitation to Aloha Friday

You are personally invited to say Aloha to the co-owner of 
John Paul Mitchell Systems®,
Angus Mitchell

Pour a glass of wine and spend some quality ‘digital’time with the co-owner of John Paul Mitchell Systems®Angus Mitchell. A unique opportunity to join the conversation with a small and exclusive group of Paul Mitchell® salons and discover how Angus sees the future of the industry and the company. Angus will be joined by Mara Gourdine who works closely with co-owner and co-founder John Paul DeJoria, supporting John Paul’s philanthropic efforts and being a spokesperson for the company.



Don’t forget amongst all this exciting news,  you can still sign up to join my trance relaxation classes on either Mondays or Thursdays. (read about them here) We have 15 mins before class starts to all have a chat. Just such a lovely way of keeping connected.

Love and Light