Your Donations are helping my Fellow Professionals

I wanted to let you all know that I really appreciate all of those who are donating through my Just Giving Page – Your donations are really helping my fellow professionals 


I hope you are still all keeping safe and well. Sorry I have not been writing to share my world with you just recently, but I have been so so busy and as a result have lots of positive things to tell you all.


I have now delivered four virtual trance relaxation  classes. I am quite surprised at just how much I am really enjoying using my computer screen as my mirror, (just until I return to working behind the chair).  Thanks to some great motivational advice from my mentor Sal Cooke OBE, who realised that I was really starting to  struggle about being taken away from working behind the chair.  So, once this negativity  lifted,  I simply got going with my plans for the classes. 



I can tell you honestly,  I am loving seeing clients once again and also enjoying meeting many new faces. The class is proving to be a huge success and I have received lots of positive feedback. If you have not already joined, you are very welcome to do so.  Just go to this page and you can put in your details and I will get back to you with joining instructions. 


Please do remember that whilst I am in lockdown I had also decided to raise money for other hair professionals so if you can please do make a donation to The Hair and Beauty Charity,  (you do not have to as  I respect everyone’s personal decision but whether you attend a class, or just read the blog or whatever – please do think about all those hair professionals who cannot earn at the moment, through no fault of their own.



Just the other day I received a delightful email sent to me personally by the Head of the Hair and Beauty Charity Jean Kelly, so I thought I would share it with you all.  How kind of her to take time out of her busy day to send this to me.





Dear  Mel


On behalf of the Hair and Beauty Charity, thank you very much for raising funds for our relief fund through your virtual relaxation classes. They sound a perfect way to support family, friends and clients at this difficult time.


The funds you raise will help those who are suffering extreme financial hardship at this very difficult time, thank you.


We are currently helping more beneficiaries at any one given time than we have ever done in the charity’s 150 year history and we are continuing to receive applications daily. With your help we will continue to support those professionals in the industry who are in crisis.


Keep well and safe.



Jean Kelly

Head of Charity

01234 831888

Office opening hours 9am-4.30pm


Hair and Beauty Charity

1 Abbey Court, Fraser Road

Priory Business Park


MK44 3WH

Registered Charity number: 1166298


So heartfelt thank you , if you have donated to The Hair and Beauty Charity through my page.


Lots of exciting things to tell you about  in my next blog. I am so eternally thankful, appreciative and grateful for so many positive things which are happening for Richard and myself as we plan for  return back to the chair.


Seven weeks ago in the midst of the storm, I would never imagined, I would be seeing, so much light for The Color Salon and our VIP clients. I pray we will be back in our Paul Mitchell Signature Salon, in July as the government road map is currently telling us, and that we are able to continue being so strong together.




We are so very grateful to our clients for their loyalty  and for waiting for us both to get back to work. 


Love and light

Mel Johnson xx