Feeling positive with that back to work feeling

What can I say, except how fabulous it was to have had such a brilliantly positive experience when I ran my first online class using the Zoom platform this week.  I really felt that positive feeling, it felt so good to be “back to work”.  So until the lockdown is lifted, I will be using my computer screen as my mirror, to engage with people. 



I am already thinking that perhaps it may become good practice for all my future hairdressing consultations to be done online, using tools such as Zoom. So if you would like a hair consultation with me, using Zoom, then please just send me message through my Contact Mel page, in preparation for government go ahead for me to get back behind the chair.


It was such a positive experience to run my first Zoom class. I thoroughly enjoyed being able to bring my class members together. Some participants had been to my face to face classes previously, some were hairdressing clients and some were new to the experience.


It was just wonderful for us to be together and to share the experience of getting away from our worries and fears of this horrendous storm, even if just for a short time.  Just being all together and us all enjoying the moment and being able to relax deeply was just fantastic. I have gathered so many tools over the years, as I have attended many training courses on a wide variety of topics. As a result, I am now able to create a unique experience for my class members, using my energy of love and light. During the class my aim is that everyone experiences the joy of really deep meaningful relaxation.



I call my class trance relaxation, because that is what the body and mind are doing as they absorb all the positive benefits  of really deep relaxation.  For many people this is positively life changing. I have written in previous blogs, about the fact that I do not believe that any one else can deliver the mixture of skills in the way I do. 



A heartfelt thank you to those who have already given a donation to my  Just Giving page for the Hair and Beauty Charity






Remember that you do not have to attend my classes to donate to this important fund. I did receive a comment from someone saying that they only believed in donating to  local charities. But I did not respond particularly, however I should have just simply asked, how many hairdressers, barbers, and beauticians are their in your local town?  So for me this charity is very much local and is doing something to help those hairdressers who are struggling due to the COVID 19 pandemic and the lockdown.  Be assured that if you do donate,  you really will be helping somebody local to you.

I will be adding more classes – check out my web page and the The Color’s Facebook page for details. 



Everyone’s welcome. Give it a go, the best thing I like to hear is when people say, I never relax!! or I cannot relax!    Well you know me, I love a challenge,  So please believe me…. when I say…  you will relax and you will enjoy the experience.



Let’s all end  this storm by empowering our collective positivity to suffocate the negativity. The light will always win over the darkness.


Let me tell you one thing to really think about, nothing will ever be the same again.  We  will all  need to positively adjust to life after lockdown. I will keep praying, that god-willing, I can keep on helping anyone that comes along onto my pathway as I move through my world.

Love and light
Mel Johnson xx