I am going to be supporting The Hair and Beauty Charity with my free online trance relaxation classes

My word, is it really coming up to six weeks in lock-down? Who would have believed it?


I am really missing everyone in my world, but there’s no point in me moaning on about it, it is completely out of my hands.

I am really missing being behind the chair, talking to my wonderful clients. If you know me well, yo know that I just love talking (a lot) LOL.  But these days I am feeling happier in lock-down, knowing I am keeping my creativity flowing with my drawing, painting, writing, cooking and lots of other things. so if I am honest I I have not suppressed my creativity at all, in fact in some ways I have released it.  Now I am doing something else creative, to help other people in my industry,


But have no fear, I am confident that I have not lost any of my flair for hairdressing. I focus positively everyday on the fact that on my return to being behind the chair, I will be once again creating beautiful hair in the same ways that I have always done. Maybe with even more passion.



So, for now until I get back behind the chair in front of my mirror in the The Color my salon in Bridlington. I am going to use my computer screen as my mirror to positively talk and make that connection with people.



I am now asking anyone if they would like to join my free online trance relaxation classes?     There is a page on my website for  you to visit if you wish to read all about it and if you want to book to come along (virtually of course) then complete the contact Mel page of this website



Everyone will be made very welcome, this  could be away of meeting me for the first time for some of you, for others it is a way of reconnecting. You never know, for those who are new to me, you might even want me to restyle your hair, once I am back in my salon after the  lock-down and the government says we can get back to work.



I am getting really excited about connecting with people I have known before or meeting new people. I am really focusing on these classes,  until I can get behind the chair. I am also going to try to raise some money to support an important organisation. The Hair and Beauty Charity, they are doing amazing work at this difficult time helping my fellow professionals, who might need support financially in these unprecedented times for our industry.


I suppose it’s a nice way for anyone who like me. has worked in one industry for so long, to be able to help and support their own sector during COVID-19. For me I felt it would be important to give something back to the hair and beauty industry by donating the money from these classes. For lots of you, think of all the years, that professionals like me have made you look beautiful and have cared for you in their salons and shops.



Let’s face it, no one is  spending money on professional hair and beauty services, unless someone is breaking government rules! So if you can,, I would really appreciate your help and support in raising some money for my fellow professionals to just be able to survive and put food on their table.  I have created a Just Giving Page and this is where you can donate to my chosen charity


For those who wonder why a hairdresser like me is running trance relaxation classes, well if you have read any other posts on my blog, you will know by now, over the years I have learnt many other skills on my own journey to look after my mind and body. So just to put your mind at rest about my classes – I am a  fully qualified hypnotherapist and have qualifications as masters level in clinical hypnosis, a long with a whole host of holistic therapy qualifications.



So please do think about joining my class, and if you do please think about making a donation to The Hair and Beauty Charity’s Relief Fund (links all below).  Even if you do not want to join a class, the charity is a really worthy cause to support.


A heartfelt thank you in advance,  your compassion, kindness and generosity, means the absolute world to me.  If I can help my fellow professionals in a small way I will be really pleased. Also I think I will be feeling happy about the fact that I am helping individuals who connect with me,  to live more contented and peaceful lives. Which at the moment is a really precious thought to hold onto.

Keep yourself and loved ones safe.

To read about the classes  http://www.mel-johnson.co/uniquely-mel/

To join a class    http://www.mel-johnson.co/getting-in-touch/

To make a donation to the Hair and Beauty Charity   https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/thecolormeljohnson

Love and light
Mel Johnson xx