This lockdown is really testing our patience now, but we must keep going, to keep safe, warns Mel Johnson

I do hope you are all keeping well? I feel that this lockdown is becoming a real tester for people now, as we ending week five and going into week six. Personally, I am feeling more mentally and physically stronger than I even I imagined I would be at this stage.


This evening, I can not express how grateful I am, having been on my journey, of the last twenty years, which has all been about looking after my mind and body positively.  Over the last few weeks, I have been conscious of all the inspirational teachers and individuals, I have met over those years and how each one of their voices has been coming into my mind, during these strange times.  In difficult situations that occur for me. I am so appreciative of the fact that these mentors, have helped me train my subconscious mind.  I know deep down in my heart, I would not have got through the challenges, which I, like all of you, have been facing. For me, the biggest challenge has been the fact that I have been removed from being behind the chair due to this horrendous global situation.



Today I thought of someone who I went to for personal development many years ago. Even then, all those years ago, she told me to stop watching, reading or listening to anything that corrupted my mind. So from that day onwards, I have never watched television, read newspapers or any other media. You might think this strange, but back then, I listened to her strong advice and I felt it was a really positive influence for me. Now that we are in this lockdown, this same advice  is really helping me stay positive. I focus on all the positive things that are happening within the world and my local community in the storm. Which if you are one of the people who are just focusing on the negatives and listening to all the bad news all the time, then you will have missed all the good things that are happening too.


I have really enjoyed listening to the music of  Dale Castell, Our House. Dale turned the negative situation of not being able to work as a DJ in the Leeds Club to a positive. As instead he decided to play music from his son’s bedroom.  Unbelievably, his music attracted over five thousand people to connect to him on Facebook. Saturday evening was very inspirational, he encouraged his followers to donate over eight thousand pounds to Overgate Hospice. Well done Dale for turning a negative situation in your life to the positive. I feel you are a very genuine inspirational and positive man.  God willing, I pray, you stay safe and keep the light shining all around you and your family.


There is so much speculation currently  about the lockdown and how long it will last.  I am getting so many panic messages about  what to do with my hair if hairdressing salons will be closed for a further six months?  I cannot tell you how many people have asked if I can mix and supply them with their colour and send it through the post! Some have asked,  can I recommend a shop bought colour? (as if I would do that). Can I go and do a client’s hair in her garden?


I feel I need to just make it very clear, having taken professional advice from the hairdressing federation, the governing body for hairdressers and salons. I cannot do any of these things!  I also want to say, politely, but very assertively. That if I were to do any of these things, I would be damaging my own professionalism. I have  been a professional hairdresser, working with professional products for well over 30 years. I do not want to destroy, yes DESTROY my career and the 100% respect for Paul Mitchell professional products.  Also the liabilities that would follow any of those actions are not something Richard or I,  can accept or would risk.   We have worked for years, sacrificed so much to be behind the chair, for our clients. We cannot be bullied, or made to feel guilty that our clients along with the rest of the population cannot visit hair or beauty salons, yoga studios or gyms. Please remember it is the global pandemic that has forced our government to have taken me away from the chair. It is not my decision, nor is it in my power to change it. I am just abiding by the law.



I strongly feel like most hairdressers at the moment, that I cannot be held responsible for people’s actions.  I have always 100%, advised on using Paul Mitchell maintenance products, which help care for hair 365 days of the year.  If people decide to cut or colour their own hair, then that is up to them and it is their decision. I sometimes want to ask people, would you perform your own surgery? Would you do your own dentistry ?  I am sure in most cases the answer would be No  of course not. As I hope that many would recognise that you must have qualifications or at the very least the professional knowledge to be able to do such things.



I am, like most hairdressers,  hoping that my clients will return to me after lockdown and I will do my utmost to bring their hair back to the best condition the quickest way possible.  That’s what any professional hairdresser, will be saying.   We will use our professional skills along with our  professional hair care products, so it will be possible for us, to once again achieve that professional colour for our clients.   We all just have to be patient. 


Please respect how hard it is for professional hairdressers, not being behind the chair looking after all their loyal clients. It is a very unpleasant experience. But we all have to stay strong,
positive and believe the storm will pass. I personally believe, professional hairdressers will at last be respected, like other professional industries. Certainly, we will be in huge demand. After all, what industry can remove 10 years and create a more youthful looking person, without using surgery? Well we can do just that,  after just one visit to a hair salon?



Yet again I will focus on the positive people in my life. My very close friend who is also my astrologer, has taught me to be patient, which I feel I am definitely putting  into practice and I thank her for her continuous support. Stay true to who you are Mel, that professional hairdresser and enjoy your creativity in other ways in lockdown. She said to me the other day, the cosmos will look after you.



I strongly believe in karma and I will remain loyal to my clients. When our government allows me to get back behind the chair, do not worry  I will be there. Have I ever let anyone down before? Remember this situation is not my fault and is completely out of my control. So until I get the professional advice that it is safe and legal to once again, open up The Color Bridlington and allow us to return to work.  Until then, my Paul Mitchell professional hair color products are locked away  in a very safe place.

Peace love and happiness.

Fellow professionals I really feel for you all, sending my love and light.
Mel   Johnson   xx

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