How I intend to help The Hair and Beauty Charity whilst at the same time helping individuals relax

I do hope that you are all remaining safe and that you are all complying with the Government lockdown regulations.  I am sure that like me, you are saying thank you by clapping with the nation every Thursday night. I am personally feeling, that every day I am abiding by the Government rules, I really feel a strong connection within my heart, with the NHS and all the other key workers.



Like lots of other people, running classes such as yoga, Pilates, mindfulness and many others,we have all had to stop putting on our sessions, during this last six weeks. So for me personally, I have not been able to lead my weekly trance relaxation class.



These classes have always been my way of giving back and positively helping  my class members on their journey in life. I created my unique and popular sessions, by selecting carefully the right techniques, chosen from the many tools I have gathered over many years of training. I have explained all of this before in previous blogs.




My class is completely unique, I honestly believe that across the world, there is no other  hairdressing professional who could deliver such positivity in the way I do.  My personal journey started 20 years ago, when I decided I was not going to be yet another hairdresser who was mentally and physically worn out by the age of 50.


As I am currently not behind the chair, this is a massive negative in my life, but I need to do what I always do, turn a negative to a positive. I have so much strength and willpower and  I have taken this last five weeks to mentally and physically strengthen my mind and body. I think I needed to take this time to heal myself and adjust to being removed from behind the chair.


But now I am ready to help, to do my bit and so I have decided to start giving my trance relaxation classes to those that need it using digital tools



In the first weeks I did notice there was lots of panic and a sudden delivery of meditation, yoga and other classes via digital channels. I understand people need to make a living, but I feel they needed to heal before giving to others.


I know I need also to make a living, but within my heart, if I started to charge for these new classes,  it would be for the wrong reasons.



My class is to give back, just like the inspirational John Paul Dejoria the co-founder of Paul Mitchell products, who always says, positivity empowers. I could have got on, what do you call it?   The band wagon and make money from people’s vulnerability, but that would be not be me.


So now after my own personal healing, I am ready to help professional hairdressers and everyone else that would like my positivity.  


I will be connecting by the Zoom platform which I feel will be the most suitable for me.  I will be aiming to create positivity in my trance relaxation class. These classes will be open to anyone that would like to connect with me, and will agree to make a donation to  The Hair and Beauty Charity. 


  • What will you need to join my class ?

  • A comfortable space in your home.
  • A device to connect to Zoom, with a camera and microphone if possible
  • An email address, so that I can contact you to invite you to the meeting
    invite you to the meeting



What will you experience?

  • The release of negativity, tension, stress and anxiety.
  • The deepest relaxation, which you will have never experienced in your entire life.
  • The creation of a calm and peaceful approach to daily challenges in lockdown.
  • Real deep healing.
  • Gaining positive energy in your daily life during lockdown.
  • Finding that safe place within your special place (that has always been there, but you have never known how to get there).
  • The way to enjoying the present moment.


What will you need to do

  • Be prepared to give just your time.
  • In a place that has no outside disturbances.
  • You need to make space for  4 sessions,
  • Not try to make excuses – you can make the time




Watch out for how to apply for the free sessions

Peace love and happiness
Love and light Mel Johnson xx