What are hairdressers really doing now that they are not behind the chair ? Asks Mel Johnson

Many hairdressers are now well into the fact that they are not working behind the chair.  Bur for some as lockdown continues, it will be a tough mental challenge. Perhaps  the toughest challenge their minds have ever been through.



Well I thought I might share with you, what I’ve been doing whilst I’ve been away from the chair from a personal basis. The reason I want to do this, is because I do not want other  professional hairdressers to feel guilty they have not been interested in watching tutorials or any other online training sessions. I honestly think that these sessions, however good they are,  for some may create a wave of feelings that are depressing, increase the feeling of being isolated, might make some feel as if they were suffocating or even panicking over the experience. One reason I think is the fact that many of us do not have any of our colour products or training heads at home, which would help us begin creating these colour techniques and colour formulations, whilst we are all in lock down.


As you all know by now, my number one priority (in the hairdressing world) is that I need both myself and other fellow professionals to be looking after our mental, spiritual  and physical health. It is so important to realise and acknowledge,  that this is probably the first time in your personal career,  that you have the time and space for you to focus on yourself. I realise now even more than before, why it has been so incredibly important, to me over the last 20 years of my career. I am definitely seeing the benefits of my wise investment,  which I have made by looking after my own mental, physical and spiritual needs.



So I will share with you my world away from the chair in lockdown. I feel it is crucial for my well-being, to focus on positively strengthening my mind, which must be positively disciplined at all times. For me having set routines are very important whilst we are continuing to be in lockdown. It is a tough challenge to keep to a structured day. But that is what we are all used to with our appointment books.


I have still been getting up every day 5.30 am and going for my run. Once I come home I do some  yoga practice and some lifting of weights. I meditate every morning to bring clarity to my mind, which I hope will aid me in any future decisions for my business and career. I always try to write a blog and all this before my daughter Angel’s day begins.  Her day starts at 8.30 am, it is still classed as Easter holidays so she has not had to do any school work. As such  Angel’s had more free time to chat, Facetime with her friends, this has been incredibly very important to her and has been a great form of socialising, which also helps children drawing into themselves.



Angel is like myself, very creative, so we  always will do some crafting and baking each day. We have been making that much baking over the Easter holidays, we have been giving it away as gifts to friends and family. I feel I am keeping my creativity ignited by doing things like baking, crafting, drawing and writing each day. Years ago, I would have got myself so stressed  and anxious, if this was happening and I could not keep hairdressing or expressing my creativity. But these days,  I am not worried at all, because I feel my creativity is positively vibrant and keeping ignited.



Every afternoon, Angel goes for her walk, with her Daddy, to a safe place where there are no other people to make her feel anxious. This walk is also very important for Richard, as both of us as parents  need to feel we are keeping Angel safe, healthy and happy.  I do wonder and feel sometimes that lots of other parents are seeing this lockdown period as holiday time.  We must not forget that lock-down is lock-down, rules are rules. Yes, I agree get some exercise, but people should not be out all day.



We live on a main road in Bridlington and Richard and I can not believe how, suddenly how many families are going by on bicycles. I am not sure if they are taking responsibility in safe-guarding their children as I see many without cycle helmets. They might not like to wear them, but it is so unbelievably dangerous. I do think there should be a law that every child should wear a protective helmet.



Every day I check on my mum, she lives on her own  and is in the high risk group. So I drop her off any essential items she needs. I am the only family she has got In Bridlington, so it is very important she knows I am there for her. I know how hard it is for her not seeing Angel . But Angel keeps baking her some nice treats to cheer her up.



So life for me at this present moment is not about practical hairdressing, being behind the chair. It is how my mind can positively become stronger whilst away from the chair. Promoting different ways of keeping my creativity ignited. This is the major priority for me, along side   keeping Angel safe, happy and healthy.


I want  to be that positive light for everyone. I am also working with Richard as we are planning positively about opening our salon for after lockdown, with the aim of creating a safe, sterile and relaxed environment.


Bet your thinking, when does she do her washing and cleaning? Well I try to slot it in between 9 am and 3pm LOL, I am quite fortunate because Richard always has prepared our dinner each evening, even before lockdown. Then it is always lights out at 9pm in our house the day is over and ready for a new day.



Love peace and happiness

Love and light Mel Johnson xx












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  1. Carol Marley says:

    That was really positive Mel. You are certainly helping me with your posts and I’m sure many others too. Sending you much love xxx