God willing The Color will be a happier place when the doors re-open

Well here we are, who would have thought it? Week four of our  lockdown. I do hope you are all keeping safe and well.


I thought I would post my thoughts after my sad visit to my salon at the weekend. It was a very negative experience, feeling all the emotional sadness. But you should know me by now, I had to turn that negative experience into a positive. Because  I will always use negative experiences to  empower positivity for my own mental well-being.



So having so much time at home and god-willing remaining safe with my family. I am extremely fortunate that my husband, who is my business partner, understood my innermost feelings about how sad the salon felt, and he admitted that he felt exactly the same.  So we have both decided to turn the enormous emotional negative energy, into a force for good. So we are both now thinking, when the storm is over how do we make things happy again?


Well, we both agreed, like many are saying, that nothing will ever be the same again. This whole experience of lockdown is making us both think, how do we personally want to work? What will our current or new clients want to experience at The Color? We both wanted to put ourselves into the shoes of a client in the salon. What would we want to experience?  If we were an employee at The Color, what would we want to experience everyday at work?



Fortunately, over recent months, I had already been thinking about what I wanted to do with the salon and my career. I have often been ahead of my time, so it is no surprise to those who know me that I had already been making business plans for the next phase of our business life.



My plans include converting the whole building into different zones all to focus on healthy hair, the mind and the body.  I had been planning to do all of this to celebrate my own 20 year journey and had intended to share, how I have remained positively, healthy, creative  behind the chair. I want to promote what I strongly believe in. The mind can look after the body, but the body can not look after the mind. My aim will be to promote healthy hair on a much deeper level, so that The Color becomes The Color of LIFE.



But in the first instance, after the pandemic passes and we are allowed to re-open our salon. Our first priority must be The Color our Paul Mitchell Signature Salon. At this moment in time we are praying for our positive future. We will both be eternally, very grateful if both of us manage to keep healthy and ride out this life-threatening storm. Then we are hoping that we can both get back behind the chair, doing what we do best, that is creating beautiful hair.


So yes, you can expect lots of positive changes to the Salon – both in the short-term and over the longer time frame. Our aim will be to make The Color,  vibrantly happy again. We will be creating a
SAFE, STERILE, and very RELAXED environment.


Yes, we realise that after all this is over – both ourselves and our clients will want and expect this at the very least and we will want to work in a safe place. It would seem that the majority of the population are already thinking, like us that nothing will ever be the same again.

But rest assured we will be on the case and we will make The Color, the safest salon possible that anyone could visit. We will ensure that all our clients have an enjoyable experience, knowing that we will be always working to keep everyone (and ourselves)  safe and healthy.


Peace love and happiness
Love and light Mel Johnson xx