What a sad experience I had today – shares Mel Johnson who visited her salon for the first time in weeks

I do hope you are all staying at home and staying safe! I thought I would share with you me experience today.

I’ve just been down to our salon, The Color Bridlington,  to collect any mail and to check the place over. Up until now, Richard has been going down each day to check everything, as he knows how hard it might be for me to visit an empty salon. How ironic that it is 14 years this month, since The Color opened its doors and yet here I am unable to work. Unbelievable – who could have predicted all of this?


Well I was so shocked when I entered our closed salon. I just felt that not only me was feeling sad – but the salon itself also felt sad and so completely lost.  If a salon could feel like that, I guess it is also missing Richard, myself and all our lovely clients. I know it takes some believing, but it was like an overwhelming feeling of emotional emptiness. This energy was so very heart wrenching. It really took my breath away.

I left the salon, very emotional and came home to share my experience with Richard. He said “Mel I know, what you felt like, I have felt and experienced exactly the same as you, when I have gone down each day to collect the mail. The salon is so sad without us all  being in  there”.  What a true statement.


So to all the clients of The Color, it is not just Richard and me that is missing  all of you, the Color itself is also missing you.


Please keep praying for the storm to pass and for The Color to be happy again.

Peace love and happiness
Love and light Mel Johnson xx

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  1. Carol Marley says:

    Well I can tell you that I for one am missing your Salon very much Mel. I can well imagine how The Color feels without us xxxx

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