Is it just me or do you not like Training Heads either?

Is it just me, or are those images of training heads on Instagram annoying you? I am talking of those weird training head images that are suddenly appearing during the current crisis?


But, before I start writing getting my latest thoughts, off my chest!  I just wanted you to know, I am here for you all and you do need to ever feel alone. Please take care of yourselves. I want to give a heartfelt thank you, to all my loyal clients, who are sending me such lovely messages, these are much appreciated, at this difficult time for me being away from the chair.



So let me begin by being, truly honest with you, as I always have been. It is a strange thing to admit, but I have never liked those hairdressing training heads.


My first memory of these products, was over 34 years ago whilst at college. It was during our first few weeks when some of the trainee hairdressers, who only attended college one day a week, decided to shave all the training heads until they were completely bald. A couple, even  had Mohican styles if I remember correctly? At the time I would have been 16 years old,  my sense of humour was still the same as it is now, so at the time, I thought it was hilarious.  Being young, I do not suppose anyone thought of the implications of the cost to the College or the impact on other students. How times have changed?


I was really fortunate, all those years ago to have gained a place at college as a full-time student. As such, you had lots of practice with real people’s hair. Honestly I was so shy, I had no confidence, but when it came to the actual hair styling this became my creativity, this was my confidence.


I never did use a training head to experiment with, instead I used real models with real hair.  From the very beginning of my journey, I just loved having that connection with the person in my chair.



Has my career progressed, I sometimes ask myself?  Over the years I have attended many hairdressing training events. At these events we were always expected to use training heads and on these occasions, I had no option but just had to get on with it.  Usually the training heads ended up going  back into a cupboard. Well I say that – sometimes after the training we might have “borrowed” the heads and used them to amuse ourselves. I am sure we freaked out lots of people when they saw them suddenly on a car-park wall or in a window.

But seriously I couldn’t wait to get back to my chair and just start using my new-found skills on a real model.


Well I wonder if any other professional hairdresser are getting irritated and freaked out as I am, by seeing, so many pictures of training heads on social media platforms like Instagram? All with weird and wonderful hairstyles. I just really do not understand this need to share such things or the mentality of professionals in our industry needing to do such things. Please understand this is only  my personal opinion.


If you are comforted by styling using training heads during the  lock-down, well that is a positive for you and I should be thankful for you. But even if I wanted to create something using training heads, where on earth would you get one from during this time? I am sure that they would be classed as non-essential items. I know that my supplier, Salon Success  are not supplying them.


So yet again I need to turn my negative thoughts into positive actions. My creativity could have gone into lock-down with all this darkness that’s around me. But I have learnt to allow my creativity to be ignited by drawing, painting and colouring beautiful hairstyles. By writing these blogs I am practising creative writing. I am also spending lots of time crafting and baking with my daughter Angel. There are just so many ways to express creativity.


So please all you professional hairdressers, stay positively strong, do not worry if you have not got loads of training heads or an endless supply of colour available at home. Where you should be staying safe.


Please do not worry, because as soon as you get back behind the chair after your first guest is with you, that is all  it will take to once again give you  inspiring and uplifting feelings and it will be just like you have never been away. It will be just a wonderful incredible experience.


Believe me give it a go – try new things to keep your creativity ignited, until the storm ends. Keep in regular contact with your loyal  guests. Your love, passion, enthusiasm and  creativity positivity for your work will always be there for you. Please trust and believe in yourself.



Give yourself some tender loving care,why ? Because you deserve it! The  hairdressing Industry needs you my fellow professionals, more than you will ever know.

Love peace and happiness
Love and light Mel Johnson xx