My Word! Just look at my roots, or preferabably NOT!! is a phrase I bet we are all saying

Already two days into week three now and many will be worrying about people looking at roots! So how you all feeling? My love, light goes out to you all, at this very, very,  difficult time.


I’ve been thinking a lot about people’s different situations, in the very difficult times this darkness is creating. I know I do go on rather a lot about positivity, light, love and light, the most powerful energies in the universe. Bet you are all thinking, that Mel Johnson!  She doesn’t realise what dark times  we are having, what does she know! Well yes, believe me, I do know because I am real and am grounded by you, all my clients and my readers.


To give you a real example of what I mean,  even though I have another hairdresser living in my home with me. My husband Richard and between us we do have access to the colour products that I would be using  in my salon! (Indeed they have all been removed from the salon for safe-keeping on advice from the hair industry). I decided that I needed to experience exactly what all my clients’ will be doing and live with my roots showing this will help me  to have empathy for my clients.


So yes  lades,  we are truly all in this together!  Oh my word, no exaggeration, personally I have  had my root color done no later, than every three weeks during the last 20 years!   I can not stand the feel of my own natural colour and hate feeling greasy and horrible.  It makes my head itch thinking about it! As I write this blog I am actually sat here, itching my head, I am sure it feels like I have got nits.



I looked in mirror this morning can see grey hair. I do not do grey, I really do not like it and I am now in Root Week Five (Lockdown Week Three)  My roots actually needed doing just after lock down started.







So what are you thinking?  Poor Richard having to live with a neurotic wife. Well do  not worry about us, I am going to challenge myself, to remain calm about this situation I find myself in. I am so very grateful and appreciative that actually I have all the Paul Mitchell products to look after my hair. So, I need to focus on that fact!


“Yes  Mel  practice what you preach. ’


Yes Mel it is your personal time to give do your own TLC for your own hair and do some Paul Mitchell deep treatments on your hair. “



If I do this,  it will make easier work for Richard, when he eventually is allowed to be able to do my make-over color. As I will have the best ever conditioned hair, I have probably ever had. You have no idea how happy he will be,  that I will not have been messing with the chemistry of my hair and giving it any other detrimental treatments. Richard will just need a lot more of my colour mixed in his application bowl. So the only  negative we will experience, will be the cost of having to use much more of the  actual color products.

You all know that I choose to have faith and hope in the positive and understand the adverse effects of negativity on the light.


Trust me, when I say I have been in dark times in my life. My mind has been re-winding the tape deep into my past, to feel the empathy and understanding for others.  I know what it’s like to feel trapped , isolated in one room. 30 years ago when my son was born, we lived in one room, seven flights of stairs to get to the room.



I had none of my own family close by and we had little money to heat the room and very little money to feed ourselves.



My mind then re focussed on life today, where you can  feel the positive help there is  for people in similar situations to those I experienced  30 years ago.


There are now government schemes,  food donations and a huge sense of the  community helping families in crisis. I am sure that these things are hopefully making it just that little bit more bearable for them.



I am absolutely loving the positivity from the community and I really feel no-one should be afraid to ask for help, if they need it. People will not be judgemental and they simply will want to help you and your family, they really do and they are being truly genuine and authentic.  I just love the light that all this kindness is bringing with it. So please, never be afraid to ask for help if you need it.



Trust, believe that there is compassion, empathy, kindness out there, in your local community,  it is truly heart warming. That is what I go on about, when I talk about people being connected to the light, it is the fact that they are giving  their help to others battling the darkness. Earth angels, a loving description that powerfully, resonates in my heart.



So yes we are all in this together, any help I can give, just please ask.


Love,  peace and happiness


Love and light Mel Johnson xx








With thanks


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