Feeling sorry for yourself is suffocatingly exhausting, says Mel Johnson of The Color Bridlington

Are you at the stage where you are feeling sorry for yourself during the lock down? Don’t worry you are not alone! But be aware it is really suffocatingly exhausting!

Believe me I have been there and worn the tee-shirt. When difficult challenging situations came about in my life, I would turn on the switch in my mind and think poor me, why me?, I am so blooming unlucky!!! Allowing  this negative event control my mind, and everything in my life. believe me it was physically and mentally exhausting.


So yes I am only human, like you and I know that this powerful negative pandemic experience is making our world  suffer. This whole scary experience has been and still is very challenging to my mind.

But yet again, my mind is telling me you either sink or you swim in these types of situations. So because I have already experienced what it is like to feel that I am drowning in life’s negativity. I flipped  the script and thought to myself Mel Johnson! Remember it is easier to gently be calm and then learn to calmly swim. You are a lucky person, sort your head out!!!


How do I do this I was asking myself , So I wrote a To Do List, which I am sharing with you all now.

  • Become empowered by following the rules of social distancing
  • Let go and forgiving clients reactions to the fact, I cannot colour their hair during the  lockdown
  • Find ways of strengthening my mind
  • Positively train my subconscious mind to experience some positive visions for my future health and happiness
  • De-clutter and cleanse my home
  • Write a diary
  • Do creative activities with Angel
  • Strengthen my immune system
  • Make sure I make and say daily Positive affirmations
  • Stay mindful connected to Mother Earth and the light
  • Express love, compassion and kindness
  •  Show my loyalty, appreciation and being grateful to other
  • Heal the past and let go off negativity that now no longer serves me  in this new world we are living in
  • Always being there for family, friends, clients and Paul Mitchell professional hairdressers globally
  • Allow myself to be me  Mel Johnson 


So this is what I wrote down and now I am trying to keep remembering my To Do list every day.


Why not Give it a try? It is working for me!

Peace love and happiness
Mel Johnson xx