The 40th Year Celebration Candles which have never been lit for John Paul Mitchell Systems 🖤

JPMS 40 year celebration candles have never been lit 🖤  But I am here celebrating for them. 



The global JPMS family  sadly could not be celebrating its 40th year, or hold their planned 2020 Global Gathering   (click this link) which was going to take place in Las Vegas in August.




Sadly, we will like many others from around the world, will not be now taking our flights and joining with John Paul DeJoria for this milestone.


Even with the sadness of negativity, I always see a positive. JPMS are celebrating the global togetherness,during the world’s pandemic,  we are all empowering each other, at this difficult time. The loyalty, respect, love and passion, we have for the brand is being used now to spread the light to reconnect positively to each other in the global family.

Let’s celebrate positively, as we are in this together.  Together we reunite and together we are stronger. This energy will diminish any fear of our future.  JP himself exudes positivity and we should also do the same. Live Colorfully, Live Gratefully, Live Joyfully, Live Beautifully.


Listen to his message here  about the 40 years anniversary and his hope for the future.   (another link to click)


His confidence and inspirational words during these strange times are just what we all need to hear.


How fabulous is it that John Paul Mitchell Systems JPMS, were one of the first companies to start to make  sanitiser in the Corona Virus pandemic, to help the global community. Then to find out that they are giving it away to the key workers that need it, made me so proud. (another link)


(There is also a section on what they are trying to do to help the US citizens with telephone medicine systems – which might surprise you from a hair product company)


The storm will end,  I know that is true and then we can all take time to celebrate properly. I imagine (and hope) that the hairdressing industry will be honouring the JPMS brand for its stance on “giving back to the planet” This was a founding principle of the two men behind the company. Paul Mitchel and John Paul DeJoria. The both prided themselves on 40 years of no animal cruelty within their hair care product range. (click this link)  They have always been supportive to their people, respecting Mother Nature and for changing the hairdressing industry for the positive.


Paul Mitchell


For me personally I have been using  Paul Mitchell hair care products behind the chair for over 22 years now.  I am grateful for those two iconic friends who had a vision and made it all  happen. I will always be inspired by John Paul DeJoria’s strength and determination.  Paul Mitchell’s personal legacy  lives on, the brightest star in the sky looking down on JPMS and the global family, no negativity will distinguish their  light 🖤

 Peace love and happiness

Love and light

Mel Johnson xx