Together we are Stronger in the global John Paul Mitchell Systems family, says Mel Johnson

I do hope all of you in the  John Paul Mitchell global hair industry family, are remaining safe and looking after themselves. It is truly amazing to see the positivity of so many people who are showing so much support, love, respect, compassion and caring for one another. A good old fashion saying is “a problem shared is problem halved”. So now if you think about that as the light within the world, that is really something for you to think about.



However, my thoughts are now focussing on how the world is positively reconnecting itself. Mother Earth and all her creations are feeling this energy and the earth is repairing itself. We have heard about so much negativity for so long in the world about the damage being done to nature. But now right across the globe the world is grinding to a halt, and this has taken away the material greed of life. People are starting to re-contact to Mother Earth, bringing back what are the most important things in life! In my opinion these are mental and physical well-being and doing good for our fellow human beings. Going back to those good old-fashioned values has to be a good thing.



In my professional hairdressing world, it has been great to see that there is now more and more support being puout by John Paul Mitchell Systems (JPMS) in America. It is highly unusual to hear from John Paul DeJoria himself, but in these very strange times, JP has sent out a message  to us all in his extended family. I will post that separately. He is such an inspirational figure.




I am hoping that all the Paul Mitchell professional hairdressers in the UK and globally I do hope you saw the recordings by Robert Cromeans. It actually was the first time; I have actually been able to watch anything connected to hairdressing.    Take a look at this post today from Robert 


I was fortunate to meet Robert Cromeans and his wife Mary in 2018, I remember what he said to me at the time,


I am pleased to meet someone like-minded to myself”




At the time this felt like the biggest compliment. He really is so authentic, he oozes love, passion for his work and absolutely loves sharing his amazing knowledge and wisdom. Great to see this pandemic force was certainly not dimming his light. Thank you, Robert, for your inspirational words. You

are right life will not ever be the same again and this is the time to come back positively but probably differently, so it is a time to re-invent. Ask ourselves what will our guests’ needs be after the storm is over?


Well for me, I am currently thinking  that my guests will need more re-assurance they are coming into a safe, relaxed calm and , sterile environment. Fortunately for me, I do not run a production line salon. This type of salon will be not on trend anymore, that is my prediction.


What a coincidence after watching Robert Cromeans second recording, I got an amazing uplifting email last night saying, my planning application been accepted. This was so very positive for my future vision, perfect timing – thank you to the East Riding planners. The Color of LiFE is the future and yes healthy hair, mind and body is the golden key.








So this gave me such a sense of healing after feeling so much guilt and negative pressures in my mind, as I could no longer be behind the chair, until this storm is over.


My mind at times, yes, I am human, had been focusing on the people who had sent me various emails, no doubt from their point of view important question, but to me just felt like a wave of negative emails.



  • Have I thought ways of showing clients about colouring their own hair at home?
  • Am I going to do mobile hairdressing?
  • How will I get my roots done?
  • What about my fringe?


I was still getting bombarded when the TV and all the news channels were showing the UK shutting down.  Such unnecessary pressure from people who perhaps did not think about how I I would be feeling when I read those questions not being able to help.  You have to understand that it is the government who has told me I am not allowed to work and about the need to social distance.


I am sure if they had allowed it, I would be safer in my salon than going to peoples’ houses. But the Color Salon .  I am not working, until the government say I can. I am a professional hairdresser and I have worked really hard to be the success I am. So I am asking you politely on behalf of many other professionals. Please do not insult our profession by us to give home hairdressing tips or come to your home.


I have forgiven those writing those emails, for their thoughtless behaviour, we all act differently when are minds so negative and under pressure. So please my fellow Paul Mitchell professionals, please listen to my advice, respect yourself and say NO to helping anyone do home colouring. You and I know that they will only blame you when it goes wrong and their hair turns a strange colour or ends up down the plug hole when it snaps due to weakness. Please stay strong, you will be needed more than ever after the storm passes when we will all be busy, sorting out disasters But I know you will be like me and focus on your clients and think of their last visit and putting them at the top of your new appointment book. How lucky will they be to be on the very top of your list.



So, I know all you Paul Mitchell professional hairdressers you will probably receiving similar messages, but do try to focus on all your loyal clients and the many new clients who will give you many new and wonderful positive experiences, which will develop and enjoy whilst we are going to build our relationships with them


This is your time to heal, let go of old negative ways, re-invent, strengthen the mind and body. Because we are going to be productive but no longer classed as, robots, within our workplace. More respect will be given from your employers and much happier workplaces will be created for employees. Maybe this is a time to find that respect, it will be out there, trust me.



Professional hairdressers, yes when the storm passes, there is so much light at the end of the tunnel. Believe me the industry will be positively buzzing, so many new exciting opportunities, when the positive doors open, But, you must let go of the negativity of the past that no longer serves you. Paul Mitchell professional hairdresser positive doors are opening for you. So, trust in your own intuition and creativity to go and walk through them.



So together, let’s release the guilt feelings, the negative anxious thought processes and focus on ourselves. The importance of taking this time during this global nightmare, to heal, to gain clarity, to re-connect to the guidance of our own intuition.



Let’s enjoy creativity in different ways, baking, cooking, drawing or crafting. We have already learnt through this first week of lock down that it is a time to focus on our mental and physical health. Quite often in previous times, we let pressures of life get in the way of our mental and physical well-being. Enjoying this time to re-connect, to family, friends and our loved ones.




Make sure you are setting time aside to communicate with our loyal clients, still maintaining that healthy client and professional hairdresser relationship. Enabling us to grow stronger and more positive each and every day.



Why do I feel this is so important in the present moment? Because the hairdressing industry needs us all. So do not give up my friend, we are all in this together. I found this phrase to be so comforting if you just allow it into your heart. You have to trust and believe that together we are stronger.


Our global family of JPMS now feels that connection. It is so powerful that we will rise even higher and come out of this pandemic, the best possible version of ourselves, we could have ever positively imagined


Any help or advice, I am here for you all





Love and light

Mel Johnson xx