I needed to step into the shoes of the Paul Mitchell professional hairdressers, not just here in UK, but globally – says Mel Johnson

I feel so strongly, that I need to step into the shoes of the many  fellow Paul Mitchell professional hairdressers. I think they need to know that it is ok and completely human, not to feel connected consciously or otherwise, to the hairdressing world anymore. Clearly this is all due to the global pandemic which we are all facing together.



It is completely understandable to feel lost and experience a sense of  needing to withdraw for safety into your own shell, in times of crisis.  Their minds are not thinking of their clients’ needs throughout the working day. Plus the thought of not being behind the chair is unbearable and I am sure we are all feeling that our world is caving in around us.   I am sure we all have a sense of being lost and disconnected from the world.


Each and every day, when you scroll through the digital world you see hairstyles and educational clips. This before the storm, would have ignited your creativity, always buzzing, so happy to see the inspirational stylist and colourist you followed. They constantly lifted your energy positively, continuously inspired you each and every day. Your child like behaviour could not wait to share and be creative with your guest in your chair. The new educational webinar you had just watched, was your enthusiasm for the day. Hungrily always wanting to know the latest technique, styling tools and products. Never really ever needing that fulfilment of a financial gain, just the inner passion love and contentment, given to you by your clients’ reactions,  when you created that beautiful hair. That was the ultimate buzz compared to any financial reward.



So please do not beat yourself up, it is perfectly natural to feel so disconnected. Give yourself time to adapt and time is a great healer. Take one day at a time, just be in the moment and breathe, yes just breathe. Trust me, you do not need to worry hair professionals, your skills and passion for hair and your clients, is in every part of you, every living cell in your body. Your mind has a creative flair just waiting to be re-ignited by the first guest back in your chair and you will feel this with their first few words.  Trust me, you will never lose your creativity. it is just like we are all  standing and resting, just like Mother Earth in the winter months. Summer will come and your energy will feel more positive again.



My light is here for you, all you PM professional hairstylists, you must strongly believe, even in the darkest moments we will undoubtedly experience, but you will get back behind the chair.  So be patient the storm will pass. Although I genuinely believe, nothing will ever be the same again, I cannot lie to you.  But I do know that all professional hairdressers will be busier than ever, picking up the pieces of the many disastrous home treatments that are no doubt are going on behind closed doors at this very moment.



You will be surprised how may of your clients have remained loyal to you. I’m not saying you will have a new understanding of how you see certain clients. But with this storm, it is likely to bring mo respect for you,  the PM professional hairdressers. This makes me so excited and positive for our future.




So I wanted to share with you, just like many professionals that I am not ready to be inspired by the digital world at this present moment. I feel that as I cannot be creative behind the chair. Instead  I decided to choose this picture from Keep Calm and Color Mermaids, this was my daughter’s gift from  one of my clients. Little did she or I know, it would be me that would be using this as a therapy to help me keep my creativity flowing. I feel when I look at the  finished picture and when I was doing the colouring in, I really felt a comforting feeling, it looks like the mermaid’s hair been coloured with all Paul Mitchell Ink works and Paul Mitchell XG pop colors. This gave me a sense of smiling, not an irritated feeling in my mind at all.



To all the JPMS global family remember,  we are in this together.  How fortunate are we to have the brightest star in the sky behind us?


If you need me I am here for you all. I am real, I feel it from the heart just like all my fellow PM hairdressers globally.


Love and light
Mel Johnson