Saturday experiencing life, for once NOT behind the chair!

Me at Work

In the hairdressing industry, my fellow professionals will tell you how many of us hairdressers moan about having to work long hours on a Saturday. Never having had the freedom to go away for the weekend or have a Friday night out, Why?  Because Saturdays have always been so incredibly busy in our salons.




When I look back I realise, that there have been very few Saturdays, that I felt I could actually take off, during the 35 years I have been behind the chair. I have always looked at this as a positive, because it has meant I have never experienced those Monday morning feelings. Why? Because actually Monday’s have usually been my day off! Another positive of this was that if I wanted to go shopping it was always much quieter on the high street on Mondays.


The only disadvantage, to all of this was when I became a mother and my son started school,  I had to work long days then on a Saturday for my employer, only really getting to see him on a Sunday.  Child care was and still is, a problem for many families and certainly back then, there were no nurseries open on Saturday. Thank goodness that now at 29, Aaron does not need child care LOL!


Angel, my daughter, on the other hand,  is only 9 yrs old, so she clearly does need to be looked after.  Fortunately I have both an amazing Mum and mother-in-law law, who both help me with Angel. But unfortunately, at this present moment Angel is really missing them both, as they are both having to self-isolate, due to the Coronavirus and their under-lying health problems. Sending my love and light to them both at this very difficult time. I really feel for them having their little ray of light removed. Many of their generation do not  like to use the digital tools which could  actually help them keep in contact. Instead they like to have Angel with them, in person, showering her with their cuddles and their love. It is so so  difficult for them all.



No home-schooling for Angel today, so she enjoyed Face-Timing her friend. They are such a support to each other and  I am sure these friendships will last a life-time after the storm is over. Angel got her colouring books out and her thousands of felt tips for us both to do together.


I chose a picture of a mermaid, with the most amazing long hair, I think that this was so my conscious mind was able to be positively saying ?


You  know that at the moment, you can not colour hair Mel, Well  this

will help you!”



Keep Calm and Colour Mermaids. what do you think to my finished result?



It’s just like I have used  all the Paul Mitchell Ink Works and Pop XG Colors to complete it.



Well my mind was completely challenged yesterday when I heard from America, that the Paul Mitchell gathering which was to be held in Las Vegas  in August 2020, was being cancelled due to the pandemic. It must have been a very hard email for Jason and Michaeline,  to compose and send out to everyone. John Paul Mitchell Systems had no choice but to do this. I know all my fellow Paul Mitchell professional hairdressers will be feeling gutted. But I know and trust JPMS that when the storm as passed, we will celebrate the JPMS family on a global scale.  We  have just got to get through these weird times together.

I get my strength in this darkness knowing that JP, will be supporting us all through his energy of positivity and his strength of determination, if we all connect to his energy, we will come out of this stronger and more enlightened.


I know I do not know John Paul Dejoria personally,  but I absolutely believe his a genuinely caring human being and we certainly know he has been there and worn the tee-shirt.



So I trust and believe that all the JPMS global family, will eventually gain so much positivity from this darkness. We will come back into the industry and once we are all back behind our chairs, we will have gained even more creative expressionism and I am hoping that we will also have a lot more respect for each other.


Stay strong Paul Mitchell family, we are all in this together. If you need my help I am here for you all.


Love and light to JPMS and all fellow Paul Mitchell Professional hairdressers.



Love and light
Mel Johnson xx





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    Lovely words missing you already, I think my grey roots might be missing you more

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