Nearly the end of my first week of lock down

Hope you all are staying safe. Only four days realistically, but it feels so much longer,  this is because the energy of the world is slowing down.


When I went on my run to watch sunrise at 05.45 am, I felt a strong presence of Mother Nature’s creations awakening.  Interestingly I have noticed that almost every day, two magpies appear at the same place on my run. At first I thought it was a coincidence, but it has become such a comforting feeling to see them, a feeling that everything will be ok Mel, trust in the joy we bring you each morning. I now look out for them each day.



I have written and talked lots about the importance of staying and appreciating life in the moment. Being mindful, appreciative and grateful for such simple things in life. I know a lot people in the past have thought I was more than a little Loopy Lou!   But now they will perhaps start to understand. Now that life as we know it, has completely ground to a halt. This might just give the wake up call they need. Over the years whilst working behind the chair, I have often felt that the client in my chair was not with me sharing in the same moment, whilst I was doing their hair.  I often felt that they could be days ahead, or even months ahead of where we were at that present moment in time.



This may have been their unconscious thoughts of the many holidays they were planning to take, or about the many events they were planning to attend. Honestly at times, this all made my head spin. I was made to feel a little strange because I was just happy in the moment , just doing their hair.  But I think I was just seen as  a robot to many. Maybe now I will be seen as a human, who is very real behind the chair. To be truly honest with you, I am really looking forward to the positive changes of life after the tornado has passed.

At the end of day four,  I realised more than ever, just how much I love my home and am very grateful for it. I have also never really had chance to be at home with Angel. When I needed a break from behind the chair, we usually planned our escape to another country! This was to ensure that no one could persuade me to go in to the salon during our holiday, as although all my clients knew I was on holiday, they would often call and say


but I need my hair doing Mel!

and silly me, I would go and do it, just opening the salon for them


Even when I gave birth to Angel I was back at work 12 days later. I spoke to one of my clients today and she said I should,  make the most of this time to spend  with Angel and it is true , out of this awful situation I am blessed at being able to be with my daughter. I know for my 50th birthday last year, I said to Richard, my husband, I don’t want any material things, I just want some time away from behind the chair with  you and Angel  to be able to create lovely memories. But normally I could not do this at home.



So my client today is right , I will self-heal the guilt in my mind about the fact that I am not earning a wage to provide for us all. But think of the positive outcome of all of this, is that I will enjoy every moment of my well-earned maternity break that I never had. My new job role for the moment is to make my family safe.

Day four was a tough one realising and adjusting to the fact that  I have been removed from behind the chair, with no clients and no income to provide for my family. I know the government will help in some way, but like many, I have never in my career, asked for help financially. Not from anyone ever!   I like to earn my own money not for its own sake, always to support my family.


I feel very grateful for the support we get from Richard, the man behind our success both in business life and in the family. I feel it is going to be a very trying time for many relationships that are suddenly having to be together all the time and in the same house. I am so fortunate, appreciative and  extremely grateful that we have worked  together for 24 years.


So actually it is no different now being together all the time. We have always said, we are better together than apart. So God willing we get through the storm, stronger than ever.

I can honestly say Richard never gets stressed, but for first time he showed some signs of stress relating to his very successsful e-commerce business, supplying hair products thorugh our on-line shop.  I have to say that the  Royal Mail are doing an amazing job, Richard uses them to send all his deliveries. However the supplier we use,  does not choose to use Royal Mail and they have struggled to deliver. indeed they just seemed to stop.



So Richard has had a nightmare week, finally it has got so bad that he had to make the tough decision to close the  online shop down, until he can get deliveries of stock again. I really feel for him, because he  has worked so hard , as well-being a full-time working hairdresser, to take orders, wrap and send out the products to the customers. Let alone keeping up with the online shop’s website up to date and all the work on the digital side of things.


I pray all his customers stay loyal to him, once life returns to normal. We all know that stress is a killer and I was so pleased he listened to my advice to stop trying to carry on in such difficult times.  A few days in his garden grounding himself back to the earth,  is just what he needs at this present moment.  My love and light is surrounding him at this very difficult time.


There does not seem to be a lot support out their for hairdressers’ mental health. Everything I have seen so far,  (besides all the stuff about jogging and exercise), is that training for the hair industry seems to be going on-line, to be honest with you on day four of all of this,  I can not bring myself to even look at them as I find them so irritating


We need help and support particularly focussing on how to cope with life not being behind the chair and to help us get through such difficult financial times.  Even if we all had  training heads at home, we do not have a Paul Mitchell Color Bar or all our amazing Paul Mitchell products to hand.


A professional hairdresser needs to feel the experience, they need to create with their hands the  vision they see in their mind, and I firmly believe that  this can only be done when they have a client in their chair.


My advice to professional hairdresser would be to keep a diary about how you are feeling. Creativity can be found in expressing yourself in writing, drawing, baking etc. Please do not worry you will not suddenly stop being creative and as soon you get back behind the chair your creativity will once again be ignited.

If any professional hairdresser world-wide needs my help do not hesitate to message me. Never ever feel alone in your own thoughts.

Let’s see what day 5 brings me. A Saturday off work! Now how many Saturdays, do I normally get off in a year>

Namaste 🙏

Love and light
Mel Johnson xx