In this Together so let’s act as one says Mel Johnson

As I am human I know just how incredibly hard it is to keep the conscious mind positive in difficult times, like the situation we are all experiencing now.



But I also know that having a positive state of the mind is absolutely crucial to us all, during this nightmare that the whole world is experiencing at this moment.  Trust me when I say that the power of the universal light will strongly help win over the darkness.  I feel by re-uniting and connecting to the light that this will then help us all stop this tornado from destroying even more lives.


So what ever you believe in,  whether the power of prayers,  affirmations, or mantras, they all boil down to  the fact that you are positively connecting to the light.










I am not going to go on about this, as not all my readers will like to read about faith things. But if you feel you can, I would really like it, if you would  repeat my words, three times each day. That would be brilliant.


Dear Universe ( By all means  add your own faith, if you feel that will help,  for example Jesus, God Almighty, Archangels,  Brahma, Spirit Guides ,  Allah, Yahweh,  Ancestors or Buddha)

I trust and believe in your miracles and the light always will win the darkness.

Please universe suffocate the Coronavirus with your positive powerful energy of light. So the negative force disappears into the light dissolving all its power of negativity and it’s energy to be gone forever, the energy of the Coronavirus no longer serves our world of human creations.


Bringing peace to Mother Nature and all her creations.

Thank you, thank you, thank you , I am eternally grateful.


Love and light
Mel Johnson xx