Day Two of our new way of life during this lock down and it has Got Me Thinking



So here we are after only the second day in what feels like self isolation. I realise that this term is being used interchangeably now for many people. But I suppose I am really following the government rules and am not having to officially self isolate due to me showing any symptoms, which thankfully I am not. But I think for many of us, even at this early stage, we actually feel that we are indeed in self isolation. So I have been thinking, how the mind can positively deal with this challenging situation? 

The word Coronavirus alone sends my mind into a panic. That’s why I refer to it as the storm, or a tornado, because that  reassures me it will eventually pass. My conscious mind responds positively to these words, better than the name itself.


So day two got me thinking about all my strong-minded clients, who are in themselves quite inspirational people. I would say that many of them must be incredibly strong, as many of my clients have got over very serious illnesses and what some of them have physically endured is mind-blowing, truly unbelievable. While today my daughter, Angel has busy doing home-school work, I am discovering the art of pottering around our home which is quite novel for me. Suddenly my mind starts to re-wind the tape and what appeared in my mind, were  so many of these powerful, clients clearly have very positive mindsets. I could almost hear them all saying


I am not going anywhere!! This will not beat me ! I have too much to live for!


Honestly when I think about each client,I have never had a negative conversation with them over all the years of knowing them. So yes it’s quite logical and it is a simple fact, that YES  the mind heals the body, the body does not heal the mind.

So day two of the challenge was to remain positive, whilst I deal with my own, very personal and ultimate challenge,  that having been removed from the chair, which was completely totally out my control.





So  I said to myself –

Get your positive head on Mel!   Why have you exhibited such a weakness?


Now I realise that thinking of my clients was not actually a weakness, it was purely that  I care about all my clients even though I could not look after their hair for them. As I said this felt out of control in my mind. But my positive mind is now telling me,




Miracles do happen Mel, so stay with your strong connection with the light, the most powerful energy in the universe. Strengthen the mind by letting go of fear,  worry and anxiety.



So my subconscious mind is now in training, step it up girl! You know you can get through this. You are stronger than you have ever quite imagined.

That’s why I love my work, how lucky am I to have met so many positive clients, it sounds strange to say but I really felt something that I can only say was  the strength in their minds and it was  empowering. Even in this difficult time, my positive experiences of behind the chair is getting me through this most challenging time of my 34 year career.  What will keep my mind focused and strong is that phrase

Miracles do happen Mel you have seen it so many times, be patient and trust are the key words that will help my mind  then I will be able to focus on the fact that I really believe the storm will pass. I will then be back behind the chair and that is a clear bright vision that my mind will focus on.


So I am ready to stay in the moment for day three’s challenge – which is already set.


The power of the mind is our ultimate weapon.

Step into my world, which I know isn’t easy at times, but I hope it shows you all that  I am real, truthful and honest about my  journey of life.

Keep smiling and remember  it’s ok to laugh too.

Love and light
Mel Johnson xx