Day three of lock-down, sharing the emotions and my experience with you

Hello to all my readers, I really hope you are all keeping well and that you are doing as we have been told and staying at home. This really is vital at this present moment.


One of my most loyal clients is an NHS nurse,  she has told me that she is now is to work in the quarantine wards of Scarborough Hospital A&E department until further notice. She truly is risking her life for us all, and I find this is truly amazing as all we have to do is stay at home! Just for once even though I don’t believe in swearing, but yes it is just bloody simple, we must all just stay safe, and stay in our homes. The more we listen and act as one,  the quicker, I will be able to  get back behind the chair to do this remarkable young lady’s roots. I am praying daily for that day to come as quickly as it can, so I can give back and do this for her 💕


How emotional was it? Standing on our front door step applauding👏👏👏 all the NHS workers and carers. Just incredible, such a symbol of respect, love, gratitude, appreciation, compassion, light. A powerful positive energy, giving the strong sense that we are united and we are in this together!



Angel, my daughter seems to have  settled well into her new routine, I helped in her cookery class today at 1.30 pm, she made pineapple upside down cake. It brought back memories for me of the only class I enjoyed at school which was domestic science class .


So here I am, who would have  ever thought of me of all people,  being on hand for my daughter’s home-schooling  from 9.00 am to 3.15pm daily? Then at 3.15 Angel gets her exercise on a woodland walk, with Daddy, where she like to go and see the cows. I think this is very grounding for her to go and feel that connection to Mother Earth. No human contact to be seen, but seeing butterflies,  birds and cattle will keep her mind at peace.  I genuinely believe that currently nature is feeling the positive benefits of the energy of us humans slowing down and the earth repairing itself. I feel a strong sense from Mother Nature that all her creations feel happier. Angel’s energy is  certainly cleansed and refreshed when  she comes back home from her walk with Richard.


I have got to say, I am still talking a lot, I thought that would make people who know me personally, laugh out loud. I am having long talks with my mum, trying to keep her positive and I was determined when I rang her I would get her laughing each time. This was something I  learnt, from a workshop many years ago with a laughing therapist. Believe me it is absolutely vital for humans to have good belly laugh in difficult times. So yet again I am using a tool from my tool-box that I learnt from one of my inspirational teachers all those years ago.


I feel it’s also good for me to keep a connection with my clients, so I am going to try every day, to set some time aside to ring,  message or email some of my clients. I hope it will help them know I am here for them all. I had a really good chat with two of my ladies yesterday, it was just lovely to hear their voices


I really do feel in this difficult time, that  we will all find out who our real friends are and who are your  extendedfamily. I feel family does not  have to be a blood relative.  I do feel after all of this, life will never be the same again, but I definitely know a lot of positive will come from this.





The material world will have little meaning. Possessions are just not important. Health is the only thing to be invested in  This will then ground people back to the earth. Mother Nature and her creation will be appreciated. Light workers will be appreciated, when before they were often made to feel weird and disrespected. Their love and light will shine brighter with the respect they will be given. Then they can enlighten more people to connect to the light.



I feel the power of the prayer is an extremely powerful tool in my box at the minute. So as I have often said one way to think is that the definition of a  prayer, is that it is a positive affirmation of your thoughts. So I  as many of you know I often put things out into the universe in the form of an affirmation, believing in the Law of Attraction.


Give it a try, check out my other blogs on how to give an affirmation, but always remember to say thank you and show appreciation for the universe’s positive help .


Namaste 🙏 🙏🙏🙏

Love and light
Mel Johnson xx