My first day experiencing social distancing and lockdown. So how was yours?

Hope you are all staying safe and listened to the wise decision Boris Johnson announced to the UK telling us all to stay at home, unless of course you are a frontline worker. I am sure like me, you think that all these people are doing a truly incredible job. I respect you all and shine my love and light to help in this incredibly difficult time.



In my heart of hearts, I could never have imagined me leaving the chair, until I was ready to do so on my own terms.  So having all this happen and the government telling me I could no longer be there,  has been quite a shock. Believe me I took every precaution I could to keep me working and keeping my clients safe. Constantly monitoring my health closely, deep cleaning my salon and sanitising everyone’s hands before entering salon.

One thing I know for sure, is that I am truly grateful to the universe for helping me remain safely behind the chair right up to the last moment possible.  I do know that my loyal clients appreciated my efforts and I know that they and the government are doing everything to stop this tornado of negative energy  detrimentally destroying  lives.



I have been referring to Coronavirus as a tornado of energy, because it makes my mind feel a sense of fear when I say the word  Coronavirus.


Well day one of social distancing was definitely felt the toughest, hardest and the most emotional day of my career. Being removed from behind the chair, was completely out of my control. Trying my hardest to contact all my clients and whilst doing this I had a feeling that I was reacting to each client’s own fears, sadness, anxiety and frustration. I am grateful, thankful and appreciative of their heartfelt loving response to my family. I know in this present moment my ultimate priority  just has to be my family.

I decided to share my feelings with everyone because I feel it will help you if you know that you are not on your own if you getting the feelings of being in a nightmare. I will do my best to help and support my fellow professional hairdressers and everyone else I can during the coming months.

I am grateful for my tool of expression through writing. I hope that this will help keep my creativity flowing. I know it will stop me withdrawing into my shell. But to do this, I know I have to write honestly from the heart , because this will free my mind. Trust me this is a great time to start writing a diary of how you are feeling and to write about a wonderful positive outcome for your family. This will release your fears, worries and your concerns. A great time to start a daily mantra I am safe, my family are safe,  I have faith that the universe will keep the love and light within me. Thank you , thank you, thank you. Trust and believe,  miracles do happen!

I want to thank my mentor and my astrologer for getting me through day one  of social distancing  Honestly I owe them so much on my life’s journey,  They know me inside out back to front lol! They keep me positive to  enable me to face life’s challenges and obstacles. So Day Two – Sal and Paula  watch me  – as I am a bright star, shining brighter than ever!


My daughter is starting to adapt to her new routine, and I am so incredibly proud of the way she is staying with the school timetable she’s been given. I think it’s so helped her the fact this year she as the most amazing teacher, who she trusts and respects. She doing some beautiful pieces of work in her home art class. We got some stones off the beach shaped as love hearts, so she’s been busy painting them. My son Aaron, has been an amazing support to his dad  and I, I am so very proud of him. I can honestly say at this very moment I am pleased he is a lawyer and not a hairdresser. He is a frontline worker because his work often relates to probate and wills. So you can imagine how busy he’s been, his clients getting wills up to date and or making a will for the first time. Yes probably got you thinking ? How is Aaron classed as a frontline worker ? Well now you will understand the reason. A very difficult subject at this present moment. So I send my love light and support to him at this difficult time.

So now I am heading for day two and wondering what it will bring. For now adapting to my role to being a stay-at-home mum. I take my hat off to all those mothers who do this all the time.  I am sure they must get obsessed with cleaning and I can understand why! That’s a challenge in it self, I could clean my white kitchen floor 10 times a day !!!

So now being truly honest with you and being serious about the challenges ahead, just  surviving day two  is all about keeping my mind positive throughout the day. I do believe in the mind can heal the body  and that the body can not heal the mind. I feel after the storm is over, I hope that more people will understand the importance of this simple saying.


I do hope people invest in their health more than material possessions. Because in this present moment, I think we all know that  keeping your good health is everything. I will keep supporting my family and allowing them to share their negative concerns to me , so my light will distinguish those  types of thoughts.

I will keep writing about my world because it is very real to me, especially when I face challenges within my mind, no doubt just the same as you do in your own life.  Remember it is  how you deal with the situation that matters. You will understand what a flame is like when it starts to ignite,. and why I believe that the mind can distinguish the flame and that it will bring back clarity, peace and positivity.

Day Two of my challenge is all about the fact that I need to stop thinking about  my clients’ roots!!! I just know that as  Mel Johnson, I will very very soon have to mend your problems, by using the amazing professional Paul Mitchell color products.

I am saying a little prayer,  please don’t let my clients colour their hair at home. Please instead encourage them to use all the amazing Paul Mitchell take home products.  Olaplex Number 3 and Paul Mitchell deep treatments which together will help their hair remain beautiful. I 100% trust and believe the universe is looking after me today and every day and I am truly grateful for this .

Keep smiling the storm will pass
Love and light Mel Johnson xx