Looking after your hair, in these very difficult times

Please, please listen to me and I mean do really listen, I feel that now more than ever we have to rely on the experience of experts. So let me try to help you look after the investment you have made over recent years in both your time and with your money by having had your hair treated by a professional hair stylist and colorist. Here at The Color Bridlington we just know as Paul Mitchell Systems professionals just what that means. 


So if you are now in the position of having to self isolate,  then can I please urge you not to use a home colour kit and to have a go yourself at home.


I am trying to politely to suggest that although these types of products do sell in their 1000s across the counter. They will never achieve the same depth of colour that a Paul Mitchell professional colourist can achieve with fully professional products. They can also have an adverse effect on your hair. 


Even one attempt with a home hair dye kit, could really destroy the work of your professional stylist who has used Paul Mitchell professional hair color products on your hair for a period of time to get it to the optimum condition.


So do think about the fact that just one application could well have a detrimental effect and could so easily  destroy years of investment in your beautiful hair.

My advice is simply, please don’t worry if you have roots showing. A colorist who uses Paul Mitchell products can easily sort this when the storm is over.


Absolutely, it will  not a problem for them! But what would be much harder for them is to get it back to the best condition if there is damage done to the hair.


So perhaps now is the time to  invest in all the correct Paul Mitchell products to keep your hair in beautiful condition.


Many of you know that you can purchase  all the things from our  online shop with deliveries, which are not taking too long to organise and the price you pay being very reasonable


Do remember that if you have any questions related to your hair and what to do – then please do email advice@thecolirbridlington.co.uk. Being self isolated you will have time to do more beautiful deep treatments on your hair, to stop any damage occurring.


Stay patient it’s not forever.In this manic time our minds also react very differently, so please try to think and remember my advice. Your Paul Mitchell professional hairdresser has invested so much time in your hair caring for it 365 days of the year. Remember they are still your hairdresser, they always will be.


Please show them how much you care for them as much as they care for you. Loyalty, trust,  love, and compassion is what will get us through this. Show them what they mean to you ! They really will appreciate this !


I myself will remain loyal to my clients and always to JPMS. By writing this blog I may just help stop some nightmare scenarios  for Paul Mitchell colorist who may face issues when they do get back behind the chair.


Remember the storm will pass and everything will get back to normal. Stay positive and trust in what I say. Stay connected step into my world,  I will get you through, these dark times by shining my light so bright for all to feel within your hearts.


Love and light
Mel Johnson xx

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3 Responses so far.

  1. Julie says:

    Thank you so much mel.
    You will help us stay strong

  2. Suzanne says:

    Thanks Mel . I will be back once all this is over. No chance me colouring my own hair no one will see me anyway so will leave till things get back to normality. Take care of yourself and family . x

  3. Carol Marley says:

    Very wise words Mel. Sometimes the prospect of not being able to visit our regular hairdresser is quite scary and we panic. I visited Mel at the Color today wanting to get my hair cut and coloured in case we had a lockdown or The Color was forced to close. It was an oasis of calm in the storm we are all in at the moment. We all need a time of calm in our lives even if only for an hour or so. As Mel is only seeing one client at a time it was lovely to have her undivided attention. A well needed couple of hours out of the day and coming home feeling more positive and confident. Thank you Mel xxx