Beautiful hair is the crown we never take off

I believe that every single one of my clients, deserve to have beautiful hair 365 days of the year and that it is my job (and privilege) to help them achieve this state.


I feel that with my extensive knowledge together with me using Paul Mitchell Professional Products and Olaplex.  I have everything I need to produce the best possible result for my client.


To ensure beautiful coloured hair keeps looking its best,  I usually recommend a three or four-week maintenance programme.  If a client has a root colour treatment, then they can expect that they will still feel and see the benefits for four weeks. If a client wants to grow their hair to a longer length, then it is crucial that the  client books a regular hair appointment. Most importantly they need to agree to use all the after care products I recommend and that they keep using them. This way this will have everything that they need for strong, healthy hair growth.


When I work with a client, I always have a clear vision in my mind, of how their healthy hair will look and how I want to achieve it. I create an exciting journey for my client, so they really do look forward to every salon visit. I am always advising on how we can improve in the health of the hair.


I do feel it is vital, that as a professional hairdresser you learn to trust the professional products you are working with. Personally, I have now used Paul Mitchell products in my salon for over 22 years , this has given me complete trust in the range of products we use in the salon. It has made me 100% loyal to the brand and to the products themselves. All of this helps make life behind the chair so positively creative.

A recent client has been kind enough to bring some very very old images of herself (which are not the best resolution)  which show her hair at the start of her journey. She has trusted and believed in me and done all I have asked of her.  She really now has the most amazing beautifully long blonde hair. Currently I am trying to get a set of these images to work with this post, so that you can see her transformation.

I feel so incredibly grateful and blessed for my life behind the chair with my wonderful clients. I know my ultimate ambition is to create the ultimate blonde.  This idea has fascinated me for years, so I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am about my next “blonde color training”


The reason for this excitement is that the training will be taking place in America, and I already have my flights booked. But I guess you are now thinking, that’s along way to go from your small seaside town of Bridlington in East Yorkshire in the UK, to go for a training session!


Well, I firmly believe that my clients deserve the best blonde hair I can possibly achieve for them, so if I have to travel the world to gain more knowledge and skills to achieve this, then that’s what I will do.

Remember  beautiful hair only will ever be achieved with a professional hairdresser, professional hair products and a regular pre-booked hair appointment.


Invest in your hair it is the crown you never take off!

Love and light
Mel Johnson xx