Calling everyone to Trust their Professional Hairdresser

Is Digital having an effect in the hairdressing industry?

I am starting to think quite seriously that the digital world is at times creating a detrimental impact on our perceptions of beautiful hair.

I feel that I and lots of other highly qualified individuals in the industry, deserve to be called  professional hair colourists and stylists.  Richard my husband and business partner and myself, both trained and qualified in our chosen field of work and have gained experience over our 25 years plus in hairdressing.  In our we have invested  in  the latest up-to-date products to produce beautiful healthy hair. When we use these products we have been trained to use them correctly.

Benefits of being an Official Stockist 

All this detail is why we are an OFFICIAL stockist of OLAPLEX products, Paul Mitchell professional colour and Paul Mitchell professional hair care products .


My clients can trust in our professional knowledge and that the products that they take home are the genuine thing.


The stories I have heard over the years from people who have bought products from unofficial stockist , some of these products have been over 14 years old, which given their age may well  contain bacteria. When someone showed me packaging of some of the Paul Mitchell range I had to tell them that I have not seen that packaging for over 10 years. It seems to me that it is quite scary where people will buy their products from just to get a cheaper price. If they really saw the product under a microscope then I am absolutely sure that clients would not want to put the substance on their hair.


I think that counterfeit products are dangerous and right now, one of the best professional products, Olaplex is a target of the fraudsters. Also if you think about it there are lots of regulations imposed for safety reasons.  This set of products are valuable tools in the right hands. Numbers one and two must only ever be used by a trained colourist, who would then advise the client on take home  products which could be three or four or even five,six or seven


So yes the next time you see a really cheap product, you should question yourself,


why is it cheap and not listed at  the official price?

I have worked incredibly hard throughout my career to remain behind the chair.


Beautiful hair to me is  part of a trusting, loyal, relationship with my client and me. Beautiful hair is a regular 3 to 4 week hair appointment, where I can look at the hair and give advice on what I feel the hair needs for healthy color and after care.


I am an official stockist of all my products, so this to me is a professional tool in my box to share with my clients, so our vision together of beautiful healthy hair is achievable. I am not a miracle worker and by having regular 3 to 4 week appointments, I feel I am not happy with the health of hair then I would ask my client to seek medical help.


So to you all females on International Womens’ Day, I cannot stress to you the importance of having a professional hairdresser in your life, because you can determine so much in a space of 3 to 4 weeks, blood pressure, under-active thyroid, cancer, poor diet, vitamin deficiency . Ladies most of the pictures you see on internet of glamorous females are filtered. When I put pictures onto social media,  I never use filters. The beautiful hair in Mel’s world is very definitely real. We all know we cannot stay young forever, but we can look the best possible version of ourselves in every year that goes by.


Paul Mitchell Signature Salon accrediation
So please do not insult your professional hairdresser by purchasing your products from a cheap unofficial source.

We professionals have worked hard in our careers and have had to have training to be official stockists of products, so when you buy from us  you are getting the correct product with all the advice to go with it.


A professional hairdresser is the person who cares for your hair 365 days a year. So please  give them the respect that they give to you.


I know in my life, I have always said leave it to the professional. I always respect that professional person in whatever field of work they are in. Maybe the digital world needs to remember that too?


Love and light to all you professional hairdresser out there, you are doing an amazing job. Keeping our industry motivated with such passion and love for your work . Looking forward to seeing so many of you in America this year. The positive energy will be explosive…………. at  The Global Gathering 

Keep smiling
Love and light
Mel Johnson xx