My mind is disciplined – is yours?

A disciplined mind? So what does that actually mean to someone like me, working behind the chair?

It was actually one of my clients who got me thinking about the word disciplined, when she used it to describe me as a person in such a positive uplifting way.

I suppose really, I have never thought about me having a disciplined mind. My 20 year journey to challenge my mind  always staying positive and so if I used any word to describe things it would be “challenging or a challenge”.


So having thought about it, I think yes my lady was right, I have got a self-disciplined mind. and without it, my goals would never be achieved. My amazing health would never have been so good without me having a disciplined approach to my life. I will be truly honest, when I am trying to maintain a goal in fitness, some days it’s quite easy to listen to the high-pitched voice in your conscious mind saying,


 don’t bother exercising today Mel

My subconscious mind often tries to shout louder than my conscious disciplined mind!  So the sub-conscious element of me is trying to say something like

Mel, you feel absolutely amazing when you exercise and that trained mind is so powerfully, disciplined with  positive outcomes,  so exercise it , as it will always win .




My disciplined mind has kept me successfully working behind the chair with my goals. I will always improve my creativiy.  I will aim always for clear positive visions in my career.   and I am always aiming to be the best possible version of myself in the hairdressing world.



Believe me it has taken a long time to develop such a powerful disciplined mind, living in a small seaside town, it has been a challenge.


Now writing this and sharing with you my thoughts, makes me understand more about my own mind. Sometimes I struggle to understand when people, carry on doing things that no longer serve them in a positive way. As personally I now find it relatively easy to let go off all situations that no longer serve me.


I think this is due to the fact that the more I trained my subconscious mind to be disciplined  and letting go of negative situations, the more I have de-cluttered my conscious mind. I realise now because of what I can now call my disciplined mind, I always see positive clear visions and can then open the door to invite positive and  inspirational people help to lift me to a higher place where I can remain with the support and help of others.


I now realise why so many people in life are stood still drowning in negativity. Swamped by people who drain their energies. Often they moan about being stuck in the same cycle of life and are always complaining about their lives and resent people around them. It now makes complete sense to me, as I realise that they don’t have a disciplined mind even though they are possibly  disciplined in their work, but not necessarily in their care of themselves.

I have to admit that in writing this blog piece I have learnt a lot about myself and others.  It all started 20 years ago, my incredible journey to train my whole self (mind and body) to be self-disciplined.  I finally realised, it has not been about a challenge at all!


Yes I have finally realised just how far I have come and that I  feel incredibly proud of my strong disciplined mind and what it has achieved. These thoughts promote balance in my personal and professional life. Bringing me that inner happiness and contentment that the material world cannot give me.


In my world the positive doors will keep opening!. How exciting, I feel an experience of a celebration within.


Keep smiling!

Love and light

Mel Johnson xx