Let me get you Thinking!

Just in case you did not know, the planet Mercury is again in retrograde at this current time. Fortunately as I have been interested in such things and personally have known a really good astrologer for many years, I know to always put the dates of such things in my diary. So this year (2020) I have marked 17th February  to 10th of March as Mercury retrograde.


The reason I do this is due to the fact that I believe, it is quite possible that such things as retrograde can cause havoc, so I like to prepare myself positively and guard against untowards if I can.


I thought by taking time to explain things on my blog, it might just help one of you reading my post which gives a little help in dealing with the effects that can happen when Mercury goes into retrograde. I know within my work, I need that extra patience and understanding. It is unbelievable how many appointments I have to rearrange, I feel I have to be very careful in how I reply to people as sometimes it feels just like a battle to get a positive response. I try to be very conscious of how I communicate with people and I understand just how important it is to think before you speak/write  during this period of time.

I never make a business decision, sign any contracts when Mercury is in retrograde,  I always use this time to gather information, that I need for a feeling of sorting everything. Preparing myself ready for positive changes .


I feel for myself it is even more vitally important to look after my mental and physical health. I really need to free my mind of  clutter. I try to ensure I am eating and enjoying healthy foods and getting lots of fresh air.


I consciously free myself of negativity I know that it no longer serves me. These days I would say it is more important to take some time out for yourself to try to just breathe and to be in the moment.

So for me what used to be so detrimental in my life, for many years, whilst Mercury  had been in retrograde.. Like a bright beautiful rainbow after the cleansing effects of the rain . 


I am now always prepared for it in a positive way I try to prepare for things well and I almost liken it to be having the experience of being undercover where you have to be incredibly patient. Try to keep smiling, the storm will pass , it always does. Hold onto your vision of a beautiful rainbow, where dreams do come true .

Love and light
Mel Johnson xx