Clarity of the mind

I wrote this blog post last weekend, before I had started my working week behind the chair. I had already had a brilliant couple days at work, feeling such clarity in my mind. This is all a part of my  daily challenge, which I have set myself over the last twenty years, to keep a positive mindset.

Believe me to keep a healthy mind, you really do have to invest sometime daily to achieve this. I cannot express enough how important this has been in my life. It frightens me when I think how different my life could have been.

On Sunday I had been invited to by my Iyengar yoga teacher, Christine Rumley to go to York Yoga Studio to participate in a three-hour Iyengar session on Yoga for the Mind. I find it so fascinating to learn and understand all the different benefits of each asana (pose) have on the body and mind. I really feel the positive benefits of this practice. I am so grateful and thankful to Christine for this opportunity


Monday evening after my normal yoga class, I took the opportunity to go along to Bridlington North Library, to a meditation class, run by a Buddhist meditation teacher Nigel  Palmer. I just cannot believe this is available every week for people in my local community of Bridlington and there was so few attendees.   


Please understand that tutors like this, are not there to try to convert you into being a Buddhist. He is there because he has studied meditation for over 10 years and he wants to help others.



Meditation is the positive art of quietening the mind in a positive way and there are many techniques involved. It has been scientifically been proven, that Buddhist meditation which has practiced for 1000s of  years, positively helps control and quieten the anxious  mind.

So having invested both time and energy to look after my mind, now  I am looking forward to the weeks ahead, as I think that with a clear mind, I will feel my creativity flow.


Yet again The Color of LIFE  has been clear in my vision this weekend, I can see a beautiful space with lots of inspirational teachers,  that I will bring together to promote what I strongly believe in . Healthy hair , mind and body.  I have that golden key to open that new chapter in your life to care about yourself mind , body and spirit. Why? Because you are so loved and you are so worth it!!


Believe me when you step into The Color of LIFE you will feel my energy of love and light, because I believe that everyone is special to me when they enter the building.



Keep smiling .

Love and light Mel Johnsonxx