Validating my Vision

I had a really good week, last week, and I reflected that as I began my journey over 20 years ago when I started my personal journey learning to look after my mental, physical and spiritual health. Which I now recognise, introduced me to the fascinating area of how the mind rules and controls our daily lives.


You have no idea how grateful I am that my journey has helped me be the strong, healthy person I am today. I just know for sure, I would not be a hairdresser today, without all my training, knowledge and wisdom gained along the way.


I know that some of you reading this might think that I am like a record that has got stuck on the same track and repeat myself frequently. But it really is the key for my incredible good health and my ultimate goal each year, means I need to constantly step up and learn even more about how to look after my mental health.


Last week working behind the chair,  I heard of a local person who in desperation had taken their  own life, this would go almost  unnoticed. Then on the same day, came the news that a really well-known celebrity who was only 40 years old, had also taken her own life. This sad news has been plastered all over social media, the press and TV the world seems to be talking of it. I think it is so sad that there are millions of people, who each day are suffering with some form of mental health issues.


So yet again, I need to turn a negative into a positive experience and my new vision for The Color of LIFE is becoming  brighter and clearer each time I think about our plans.  I know I have helped many people in my life. I am not writing this for a medal or recognition, I do it because I have been there and worn the tee-shirt. I have endless knowledge and wisdom  to give back to those who wish to hear it.



Healthy, hair, mind and body is my golden key which I want to give to you. My intuition and somewhere deep inside me is telling me I can make such a positive difference to people’s’ lives. I know there are so many like-minded people, who like me want to positively help others. I will guide them all to come and share their expertise through, The Color of LIFE to make that difference.


Take a moment to show kindness to yourself and remember, it is not a weakness to ask for help , it shows great strength within individuals. Be kind to others as even lucky, positive people need kindness to be given to them. So always keep smiling.

Sending love to the universe and all its creations.

Mel Johnson xx