How important are back bends in my daily life behind the chair, or for anyone else doing similar work? Asks Mel Johnson

Well what an amazing week I’ve had behind the chair. It made me so appreciative of my physical and mental health. You will have read in my previous blogs,  I believe very strongly in the need to remain healthy and creative behind the chair and as such I have to invest time to my own mental and physical health.


So during my yoga practice this week, I have been concentrating on back-bends. The benefits that these exercises have brought to my mental and physical health is absolutely incredible. I feel so much better and stronger in all aspects of my working week.

When I was practising my back-bends, I felt my body and mind letting go of all the tension and stress that had occurred whilst I was working behind the chair. I feel sometimes that we are not aware of just how much the body and mind hold on to other people’s stresses and tensions throughout the day.



I felt so much physical and positive energy that my body and mind both felt so fresh and youthful. I really felt that I would be able to make clear and positive business decisions.



My daily run also felt so different, I could sense my breathing being rhythmically at peace.Being an asthmatic, this is probably the best feeling ever.


I felt a true sense of walking taller and a sense of freedom in my neck and shoulders. Amazing!!




I am laid in bed writing this blog wondering, how should I tell you about how back-bends help me?Because reading this blog maybe does not seem quite convincing. So let me tell you about one single day in my life.  Last Friday, just a normal working day.




My day always starts at 5.30 am and I have a set routine.

  • I do a handstand
  • Drink my Aloe Vera
  • Make lunches
  • Have my shower,
  • Eat my  breakfast
  • Take my vitamins

Once all this is done I wake my daughter and she gets up to get dressed for school. It is only when she is completely ready for school,


That I go to my next stage of my routine.

  • Go for my run
  • Arrive at work at 7 am (first clients are usually at 7.30 am)
  • Have my lunch whilst working between clients
  • After last client practice two hours of yoga.
  • Cycle home
  • Clean or any general  housework
  • Sort washing
  • Have dinner
  • Pick daughter up from Brownies
  • Get her ready for bed
  • Have my shower
  • Relax with family
  • Go to bed

Hand on heart after this full-on busy busy day, I so felt the benefits of my back-bends, I am so glad that I had invested my precious time to do them. I honestly felt amazing at the end of the day.



I am very fortunate that my husband encourages and supports me to do all of this, he plays a big part in supporting me in my day. Why is that?  Because he then lives with a happy, healthy contented wife. Not an over 50-year-old, frustrated, angry, stressed, overweight, miserable, over-worked, unhealthy, crazy menopausal woman!


So I will keep using the positive energy of my back-bends to move forward seeing every day, the new  vision for the The Color of Life; Promoting Healthy Hair, Body and Mind as they have  made such positive gains for me  this week.


I feel I will then be able to step up to positively promote, what I believe in, so that I will keep on making that positive difference to my life and everyone I meet on my journey through life.



Invest in your mental and physical health. Why because you are loved and you are worth it .
Love and light
Mel Johnson xx


PS Please do not attempt to do back-bends without having had  training from a qualified yoga teacher.