My Wardrobe gets a Spring Clean

Don’t know about anyone else? But I am really feeling the positive energy coming from the February Snow Full Moon. There seems to be lots of positive events happening all around me that have been slowly, positively growing over these last few years and I really feel that it will be coming to fruition this coming year.



I am also feeling that Spring is not far away and this in turn is also giving me a feeling of a gentle awakening.



These days, I consider that I am not a materialistic person. I value my health and inner happiness far more than material objects. I realised just how much I learnt about myself when I recently started doing a deep Spring clean on my wardrobes, all with good intentions.


Spring Clean


It was really strange,  but when I was looking though my clothes I found it fairly easy to put coats, jumpers, skirts and trousers into the charity bags, But when it came to dresses.


I will be truthfully honest about it, most of my dresses, I could not put them into the bags for charity even though my mind was telling me to. I feel that I should explain that it seemed to be linked to the fact that such positive feelings kept coming back to me. Each time I looked at a dress, all I could do was to  remember a really happy time in my life when I had worn that particular dress.


I have always felt if a woman invests in healthy hair mind and body. Then I think choosing a beautiful dress, for an occasion is also a skill and one that takes time to learn. The dress in the wardrobe will always give you a positive experience, about how you felt when wearing it. I have always expressed to my clients, even if you only have one dress in your wardrobe, as long as you have healthy hair, and your mind and body are also in tune with how you feel. Then you will always be remembered for the inner and outer beauty you radiate. This is an inner contentment and happiness, will always make that dress look stunningly beautiful.


So this gave me a real feeling of  inner contentment. I am able to focus and not hold onto a material object, such as the dress. I am holding onto a positive experience in my life, that keeps me following my ultimate career goal, always with  a personal challenge.


The Color of Life gives healthy hair, together with healthy minds and bodies.  This to me is the golden key to inner happiness and contentment.

Love and light

Mel Johnson xx